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Managing Reseller Payments

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One common mistake that web hosting resellers make is jumping into the hosting business without any solid plan for customer management. In an ideal world, customers always pay on time and upgrades always go according to plan. The fact is, however, both you and your customers will make mistakes. The important thing to do is to have systems in place to remedy any problematic situations.

There are many customer management tools on the market, but not all of them are catered to web hosting. In particular, the best way to make sure payments are received on time is to have some type of recurring billing setup. Hosting is usually relatively inexpensive, and most customers will not mind having a small amount deducted from their credit cards or PayPal accounts each month.

The other important aspect of customer management is communication. Keep in regular contact with your customers. Many conflicts that happen when dealing with people online are the result of misunderstandings. With email, social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook, and your website’s blog, you can stay in contact with your customers without being overly invasive. Welcome to the world of web hosting, and good luck.

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