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July, 2010

  • 16 July

    Microsoft, Dell, HP, Fujitsu Team Up to Sell Cloud Servers

    fujitsu servers

    Microsoft has formed an alliance with Dell, HP, and Fujitsu to sell pre-configured Microsoft Azure-powered cloud servers. By pre-configured, they mean that the servers should be ready to go without any further configuration required. As such, they call them “appliances” rather than servers. These appliances will allow companies to take …

  • 14 July

    Oracle CEO hates on cloud computing

    Oracle Ceo

    If you’ve never been a fan of the cloud computing hype that has been bandied about the web lately, check out this video of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison bashing the technology. As far as Ellison is concerned, cloud computing has been around for years. It’s just a computer connected to …

June, 2010

  • 24 June

    Red Hat Introduces Hybrid Cloud Platform

    The largest and most successful commercial Linux distributor has announced the release of the first Linux hybrid cloud platform that integrates with many industry cloud services. Until now, the only other hybrid cloud platform was Azure by Microsoft. The comprehensive package, which they are calling Red Hat Cloud Foundations, gives …

  • 23 June

    AMD toots its cloud computing horn

    amd computing

    In a company blog post published Monday, AMD discusses the growth of cloud computing and explains how its products meet the new needs of the technology. Besides tooting its horn about its processors, the company hit the nail on the head when it comes to the cloud’s server requirements: The …

  • 15 June

    Global data center study: 2010-2013

    While the data center industry is looking at exponential growth in the next three years, it’s also faced with a few problems in the explosion of industry need for storage space and data processing power. With the need for greater capacity, denser servers are being added to data centers’ equipment, …

  • 15 June

    Amazon Cloud uses Fedex to ship data

    The Amazon Cloud storage service has found a new way to solve the problem of slow upload times that could take weeks for some users uploading terabytes of data. It has taken a more traditional approach to solving the problem, allowing users to physically send their data on storage devices …

May, 2010

  • 25 May

    5 Reasons NOT to Rely on Web-based Email

    Although the corporate move to cloud computing has been measured and cautious, many average computer users have made the move without even realizing it. Users of Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, and other web-based email, have all entrusted their communications with cloud services. Generally speaking, this is not a bad thing …

  • 17 May

    White House to save $750,000 with cloud computing

    Federal CIO Vivek Kundra has announced a change to the White House’s Recovery.gov website that will save the government some $750,000 USD. What did it do, cut half the site’s staff and lease out excess server space? No, the feds simply switched the site to cloud computing. The change will …

  • 14 May

    Amazon EC2 cloud service experiences power outage… again

    Earlier this week, Amazon’s EC2 cloud service experienced yet another power outage. This time, a car crashed into a local utility pole and knocked out the power. The generator transfer switch failed. A number of East Coast customers lost service for about an hour. A very similar incident occurred in …

  • 10 May

    Amazon addresses cloud computing power issues

    After power outages on Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing service resulted in a loss of service for some users on May 4 and May 8, Amazon has announced that it is working on a change in its power distribution to address the issue. The company said the changes will, “significantly reduce …

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