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Powerful, Reliable and Flexible – Why Aren’t All Hosting Services Like This?

Investing in a Windows server hosting service guarantees you access to the latest Microsoft technologies without the headaches of needing to buy into your own infrastructure. The guys at http://www.poundhost.com/windows-servers/ take on the challenges and stresses of managing backups, ensuring connectivity and maintaining the never ending stream of patches associated with making sure that your servers run as effectively as possible so that you don’t have to. It’s a service that we’ve found to be reliable, effective and a great value for the money. Their datacentre is in a secure access location guaranteeing the physical security of your server, while their robust network backbone ensures both you and your customers can access your services.


Why Choose A Windows Platform?

It’s extremely easy to provide rock-steady performance and up-time for your choice of Windows servers using the most popular server operating system in the world. Windows 2008 is the latest and most reliable server platform yet developed by Microsoft and this release is full of virtualisation tools to keep your costs low. You could say that it’s designed from the ground up to maximise your control, your flexibility and your ability to provide the services you need. Whether you are providing a website to sell goods and services, or looking to put together a private cloud service for you and your customers they can make sure that you have full control of how you make it happen.

Making the choice to use Windows servers means that you have maximum flexibility in the technologies available to you. Having your own server allows you to support any of the Windows development programs, which means that you can choose the best tools for the job. Whether you are hosting applications developed using the .NET framework, or are looking to provide a web-based service using Active Server Pages, your development and running costs are significantly lower on this hosted service and indeed, it allows you to create and develop services that just could not be provided using any other platform.

Top Class Support

With a 24×7 technical support service, they guarantee to keep your server up and running 99.9% of the time. No remote management blues here – the staff are on-site so that you can be sure there will always be someone there to safeguard your interests which takes a huge worry off your mind. In addition, Windows servers can be configured to meet any needs, and their fully-trained engineers will be glad to discuss any operational or development requirements you may have.

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