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Colocation sever security

physical servers security

Collocation is the movement of the servers from an in house location usually to a much safer location that is marked with specialized environment for the servers. Collocation sites usually offer the users with an environment that features high-security features such as cameras, fire detection and extinguishing devices. Some of …

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Important Features of Secure Web Hosting

secure hosting

Web hosting¬†security¬† security is perhaps the greatest concern of providers and users alike. Hackers and malicious entities pervade the internet, putting valuable information at risk. Secure web hosting is particularly important for sites that facilitate transactions (i.e. online shops) and sites that transmit and receive massive amounts of sensitive data. …

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ICANN adds terrorism background checks

adds terrorism background checks

Never failing to draw criticism, ICANN has included a controversial new step to the gTLD application process: a terrorism background check. The new policy is listed in the latest edition of the gTLD handbook under “Section 1.2.1 Eligibility and 2.1 Background Check.” Background checks at both the entity level and …

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ICANN hands out keys to global cyber guardians

As a part of a security measure to save the Internet from complete and utter destruction in the event of a Dooms Day scenario, ICANN has handed out seven “guardian keys” to secret individuals from the following countries: Britain, the U.S., Burkina Faso, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, China and the …

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Server Security Tips

1. Do not allow direct root/administrator login 2. Make sure passwords are secure and changed regularly (by force if necessary) 3. Use a network firewall, such as APF 4. Use an application firewall, such as ModSecurity 5. Chroot all non-root users to keep them out of system directories 6. Use …

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Mail Server Causing High Server Load

Question: My CPU usage on my server is very high, and it seems to be originated from my mail server. What could be the problem? Answer: If your mail server is sucking up valuable CPU power, there are a couple of possibilities, none of which are pleasant. 1. You or …

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Free SSH Programs for Download

SSH or Secure Shell is a secure method of accessing your web server for manipulation or file transfer (using SCP or SFTP). Here are a few software applications that you can use to access your server via SSH. 1. OpenSSH OpenSSH is the primary SSH client and server used for …

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How to Connect via SSH

SSH secure iconSSH stands for Secure Shell and is a secure encrypted method of connecting to a server for shell/command line access. It can be useful for shared hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers. Linux server usually come with SSH enabled by default, although some web hosts may disable …

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Completely Delete Files with Shred

On a Linux dedicated server, the normal method for deleting files is to use the “rm” command. This removes the file from the current filesystem, but what many do not know is that those removed files are usually recoverable. As such, rm is more like putting something in the trash …

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.Org and .EU now configured with DNNSEC

The Public Interest Registry and EURid, operators of the .org and .eu domain names respectively, announced the deployment of DNNSEC on the two gTLDs this week at the 38th ICANN meeting. The domains are the largest yet to adopt the new standard, which will bring greater security to Internet users. …

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