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Professional Data Centres In The UK

Uk data center

A professional data centre is a location in which various pieces of hardware are located and professionals employed to watch over them and monitor their functioning. These are centres that take charge of the data and hardware that an organization has and monitor them to ensure that they are always …

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What to do when shutting down a server!


Closing down a server can be a smooth process or one of the most hectic things an individual can encounter. To start with, the servers hold the data that a company relies on and as such, cannot just be abandoned since the company risks letting that data fall into the …

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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers are an essential requirement for websites that get a lot of traffic. Without these servers, such websites cannot handle the heavy traffic that they receive every day. Only dedicated servers can offer these websites the type of hosting services that they require for running smoothly without any interruptions. …

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What a dedicated hosting server means to you

dedicated hosting server

A dedicated hosting server, also known as managed hosting service or dedicated server is basically a kind of internet hosting where the customer gets the whole server without having to share with anyone else. When compared to other type of hosting, dedicated server is considered flexible since the client has …

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Why Your Business Needs Windows Dedicated Servers


Windows dedicated servers are prevalent among businesses because they offer great versatility and security. They are a necessary investment for companies that utilize large amounts of data and handle high-volume traffic. How Do They Work? Fundamentally, Windows dedicated servers are servers that you can either lease or purchase to use …

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OpenVZ vs. Xen — Who is the Virtual Winner?


Virtualisation has become very important in the last few years.  With the weak economy and need to cut back in spending, virtual servers have become a mainstream tactic.  However, you need to choose the right software to split your physical server into private servers.  This can be tricky since there …

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Benefits of Having a Dedicated Server UK

dedicated server

As the name suggests, a dedicated erver is put in place for use only by a single client. This is usually preferred by business and organizations since the set up is customized to meet the needs of the organization. Access to data is convenient and the organization also gets to …

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Why you should Build your Own Server


There is nothing worse than having an unreliable server, not only can it bring about a lot of stress but it can also cost you valuable clients since your productivity is also not reliable. If you are constantly shifting servers, then maybe it’s time you build your own server. Before …

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