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How to Buy Domain Name Effectively

When you are getting ready to buy domain name there are a few steps you want to take to narrow down your choice to the perfect name. The first step is to start brainstorming names that fit your business without being too generic. There are tools online that can help …

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Domains Names – Your Anchor to the Internet

domain name

Creating a new business or reviving an old one, either is a complicated chore.  There are a thousand things you have to take into account, from marketing strategies to creating a good logo.  However, one factor that you should pay extra close attention to is your presence on the internet.  …

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Setting Up Tools for Your Website Domain

You may know what name you want to affiliate with your business online, but there is a bit more that needs to go into the selection of your website domain. If you have already had a website and you are moving to a new location you want to make sure …

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ICANN adds terrorism background checks

adds terrorism background checks

Never failing to draw criticism, ICANN has included a controversial new step to the gTLD application process: a terrorism background check. The new policy is listed in the latest edition of the gTLD handbook under “Section 1.2.1 Eligibility and 2.1 Background Check.” Background checks at both the entity level and …

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029.com sells for $110,000


Don’t ask me what’s so special about the number sequence 029, but it must be important to someone because 029.com just sold for $110,000 USD at auction. Two more number domains, 980.com and 123123.com, fetched $40,000 and $20,000 each. There were a number of other miscellaneous odd sales. RandomActsOfKindness.org sold …

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CreditCards.com and NetQuote acquired for $350 million

credit cards.com

CreditCards.com and NetQuote announced this week an upcoming acquisition of sites CreditCards.com and NetQuote for $350 million USD. The former contributed $145 million to the deal, while the latter made up $2205 million of the sales price. The sites sold for so much because of their high traffic and revenue, …

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Who can register a .edu domain?

.edu domain registration

The .edu domain is very popular among educational institutions and carries a strong sense of authority. Some SEO professionals even believe that links from .edu sites carry extra weight on Google. With this in mind, doesn’t registering a .edu domain sound like a smart idea? Unfortunately, .edu registration is heavily …

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.IE domain registration

ie domain registration

If you live in Ireland or have a company that does business there, it might be worthwhile to register a domain on the country’s .ie extension. The ccTLD has experienced slow growth due to strict registration requirements. Only individuals living in Ireland or companies with trade ties are allowed to …

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