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Facebook: a success after another

facebook success
and his great visionary ability we have spoken several times, keeping track of innovations and of the manyfeatures that were made almost every month from the most popular Social Network in the world.

The one where
we never thought enough was a general picture of those who over the past year in particular were the successes and achievements.
In fact, the results have been published in the last quarter of 2015, with many data points.

Revenues are equal to about 5.8 billion dollars, compared with 3.9 billion last year.

Revenues are equal to 44% more than in 2014 and staying at the data at least once a day 1.04 billion people used Facebook for different reasons.
The increase is undoubtedly due to the publicity that has long allowed Facebook new revenue but alsothe ability to install new applications.
To simplify we list updates published by the Community that revolves aroundFacebook, already taken from an article that appeared today on the Post and here the data to Yahoo Finance.

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