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July, 2010

  • 26 July

    .IE domain registration

    ie domain registration

    If you live in Ireland or have a company that does business there, it might be worthwhile to register a domain on the country’s .ie extension. The ccTLD has experienced slow growth due to strict registration requirements. Only individuals living in Ireland or companies with trade ties are allowed to …

  • 26 July

    Do high renewal fees kill domain resale value?

    Domainers have registered more than 200,000 .co domains, many with the intention of reselling the names for profit. It is normally easy to see a domain for at least the registration fee, but will this be the case with .co? One challenge .co presents to sellers is its high renewal …

  • 22 July

    Poker.ca sells for $400,000

    It’s been a hot week for ccTLDs. O.co just sold a few days ago for $350,000, but now domain Poker.ca has sold for a jaw-dropping $400,000 USD. Also of note is SEC.de, which fetched €136,500. Other recent ccTLD sales include PW.ca for $60,000, StockCharts.co.uk for $48,000 and Material.pl (“fabrics” in …

  • 21 July

    .Co close to 200,000 registrations

    Columbia’s .co ccTLD, which opened up for public registration yesterday, has gone from 39,000 registrations to more than 194,576– in just under 48 hours. This is very good considering there is no clear idea of how much .co names are worth and registrations cost around £25 a pop. Previously, Columbia …

  • 12 July

    Germany's .de close to 14 million mark, still small compared to .com

    Germany’s .de domain, the largest ccTLD in use, is very close to hitting 14 million registrations. This comes at the same time as news that the Netherlands .nl extension is close to 4 million registrations. Of course, these numbers are a drop in the bucket compared to the 88.4 million …

  • 8 July

    Dismal results for .us domain auction

    A well-publicized auction of 86 .us domains ended today and yielded some pretty poor results. Only 29 of the names (34%) sold, in part because of sellers who overestimated the value of their names and set obscenely high reserve prices. The only real winner of the lot is flights.us, which …

June, 2010

  • 30 June

    Slots.ca sells for over $200,000

    Although the exact sale price is unknown, a prominent domain auction house announced the sale of Slots.ca for over $200,000 USD. Sure, it’s not quite the same as Slots.com’s $5.5 million sale, but hey, it’s a start for Canada’s often forgotten .ca extension. No information about the buyer is known, …

  • 11 June

    Mexico promotes .mx domains: "Let's Be More .MX

    NIC Mexico, the registery which administers the ccTLD of .mx has launched a new promotional campaign called “Let’s Be More .MX”. The campaign aims to promote more registrations of .mx domains to grow Mexico’s domain market. The idea is to use the projects and ideas of .mx users to reach …

May, 2010

  • 28 May

    Ghana Becomes Third African Nation to Register Domains


    As Africa continues its quest to catch up with the rest of the Internet world, a company in Ghana called Ghana Dot Com Limited, has become the third in Africa to become an accredited domain name registrar. Accreditation was awarded by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), an …

  • 10 May

    Slow growth for .IE ccTLD

    As ccTLDs grow like wildfire, Ireland’s .IE domain saw lackluster growth of only 2.2% last year. And with a total registration base of only 141,000, the domain’s adoption is low compared to many other countries. David Curtin, Chief Executive of the IE Domain Registry, blames the slow growth on Ireland’s …