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July, 2010

  • 21 July

    gTLD applicants get nasty, file trademarks to deter competitors

    In the United States, domain extensions cannot be registered as trademarks. That hasn’t stopped some gTLD applicants in other countries in order to gain an upper hand over competitors, however. One notable example is Constantine Roussos, who has filed some 20 trademarks in hopes of preventing anyone else but him …

  • 16 July

    dotBerlin seeks special gTLD status

    DotBerlin GmbH & Co, the brains behind the proposed .berlin gTLD and early embracer of the new gTLD system, is asking ICANN for special preference in the gTLD application process. Basically, it believes that companies who had their applications ready before ICANN went public with the new gTLD system should …

June, 2010

  • 8 June

    No nation names in TLDs: further amendments to gTLD application guidebook

    The actual names of countries will not be permitted as TLDs in more admendments to ICANN’s gTLD application guidebook. Names such as .mexico or .germany will not be allowed, especially given the interest registered in these kinds of domains by some countries. The move prevents countries investing directly in domain …

  • 8 June

    New gTLD guidebook from ICANN: more protection for your brand

    Proposed changes to ICANN‘s Draft Applicant Guidebook for new gTLDs will be discussed at the ICANN meeting in Brussels on June 21st. The fourth version of the guidebook includes changes for brand owners and trademark holders, designed to give greater protection. ICANN is expecting about 500 applications for new gTLDs …

  • 8 June

    Bahrain TLD .arab and “عرب.” planned

    Bahrain’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority is looking for information from the Arab League on the possibility of managing the gTLD .arab and “عرب.”. After the Emirates set up its .emarat domain it looks like Bahrain will follow suit and create its own IDN. The head of the Bahrain TRA, Ahmed Aldoseri …

  • 7 June

    .XXX a waste of time according to porn industry

    The .XXX domain mooted for pornographic sites looks like it will never be launched with the list of detractors getting longer. This time it’s New Zealand porn guru Steve Crow who has entered the fray, saying that .XXX gTLDs would be a waste of time. According to Crow, until such …

May, 2010

  • 28 May

    Register a .biz domain

    Introduced in 2001, .biz is a gTLD geared towards businesses. It is intended to be an alternative to .com, but so far adoption of .biz has been slow. Should you register a .biz domain? First off, the good thing is anyone can register a .biz domain. The only requirement is …

  • 27 May

    .Aero- The domain that never quite took off

    .Aero is a gTLD created in 2002 for the aviation industry. There’s nothing wrong with giving users options, but the problem with .aero is that it came too late. By the time it was released, the Internet had already gained wide adoption in the aviation community. Who would give up …

  • 20 May

    Man files trademark for .ego gTLD

    Florida resident David Ways has a rather interesting idea of how the future of the web will look. Apparently we’re all self-absorbed, because he has filed a trademark application for the .ego gTLD. In an interview with Domain Name Wire, Ways stated his plans for extension. He sees it as …

April, 2010

  • 27 April

    Kurds to apply for gTLD

    Although the Kurdish people do not have their own nation, they number 35-million worldwide. It makes sense then that a group of Kurds has plans to apply for a Kurdish gTLD— either .kur or .kurd. The majority of Kurds live in Iraq, Turkey, and Iran. The push for the gTLD …

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