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Save time with automated installation

Looking to run a CMS like WordPress or Joomla, but don’t know how to install it? Thankfully, many hosts offer automated installation of the most popular scripts and content management systems out there. Often called one-click installation or Fantastico (cPanel hosts only), the service is generally offered for free. Simply …

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Manage Amazon S3 storage with CrossFTP

Let’s face it, many of the today’s website owners and even system administrators are not as comfortable with code, scripts, and command line tools as the generation that come before them. Some may struggle with cloud services like Amazon S3 because of difficult and sometimes time-consuming command line programs. CrossFTP …

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The nsupdate for dynamic DNS

Computer users with dynamic IP addresses often have to contend with the reality that their internet identity can literally change without warning. For average Internet use, this is not a problem, but if you ever need to host something from home (even a private server that only gives you password …

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Twitter surpasses 10 billion tweets

Ever since Jack Dorsey published Twitter’s first tweet on March 21, 2006, the online service has skyrocketed in popularity. Almost four years later, the 10 billionth tweet has been broadcast. It is unknown exactly when the message was sent. Twitter’s best estimate is some time within the last 24 hours …

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Internet faxing

If you’ve ever done business online, you may have heard the words “efax” or “online fax” before. As the terms imply, an efax is a fax sent through the Internet. Dozens of services have popped up over the last decade offering efaxes. Why are they worth your time? In simplest …

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TeamSpeak hosting

If you play PC games online, chances are good you’ve heard of TeamSpeak, a voice chat software popular within the gaming community that lets players easily communicate with one another. In order for peers to converse, however, a server running the TeamSpeak software must be set up. Luckily, there are …

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DNS Evaluation with intoDNS

Part of managing a server or even a single website is making sure the DNS is sound and in compliance with established networking and Internet standards. While you can evaluate each of your DNS entries manually, there are many services out there that make evaluation very easy. One such service …

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How to setup Google Apps DNS records in cPanel

apps dns records cpanel

Google Apps is a cloud computing suite of services that includes web-based email, documents, and other services. Unlike standard Gmail, you can use it with your own domain (i.e. instead of yourname@gmail.com, you would have yourname@yourdomain.com). To setup your domain to use this service in cPanel, you need to edit …

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