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MySQL after the Sun sets

For web applications, those based on PHP and other scripting languages, no rival is even close to MySQL. Over the past several years, it has become the standard for web databases, and a component of the now famous LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) software stack. When Oracle announced last month …

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Microsoft's new low-cost servers to compete with Linux

Microsoft intends to promote small business servers running Windows Server 2008 in Asian countries. Their hope is to present small businesses with an alternative to Linux servers, which are growing in popularity in Asia. This scaled-down edition of Windows Server 2008 will function on single-processor servers with fewer than 15 …

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A lighter, faster web server

For some web sites with heavy, often spiking traffic, sometimes the standard web servers like Apache or Microsoft’s IIS simply do not suffice. When you need a web server that will be fast and secure and still produce a light CPU load, you might consider Lighttpd. Lighttpd is a free …

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Dell to use laptop chips in mini servers

Via is known for its low power, energy efficient processors, and they often used in portable devices. Using one to run a server seems unfathomable. But Dell has introduced a new ultra-light server called the XS11-VX8 that will rely on the netbook-friendly processors for its computing. The servers are design …

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