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Hackers attack South Korea and US

According to reports, North Korean hackers are believed to have launched cyber attacks on government offices in the US and South Korea. Some South Korean and US websites were momentarily taken down. Among the South Korean sites with service disruption were the Blue House, defense ministry, national assembly, Shinhan bank, …

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Virus protection on a Linux server

Whether you are running a virtual private server (VPS) or a full dedicated box, you have undoubtedly considered the security precautions it will entail. If you have not, now might be a good time to start. Most Linux server security involves patching the kernel, preventing rootkits, and hardening the firewall. …

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U.S. DOE offers energy saving program for data centers

The United States Department of Energy’s Save Energy Now initiative is offering a program to businesses to help them reduce data center energy consumption and save money. The program carries the standard government-issued unnecessarily long name: National Data Center Energy Efficiency Information Program, and offers fact sheets and presentations on …

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Lenovo new servers rally against Dell, HP, and IBM

Multinational computer giant Lenovo has announced the release of their new ThinkServer line of small to midsize business servers, featuring Intel Xeon 5500 processors. The servers will feature built-in virtualization from Microsoft, Novell, VMWare or Redhat, depending on customer preference. Their dual-socket version will allow up to 128 GB of …

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Email forwarding, aliases and autoresponders

Three common email services that a good web host offers to its clients are: forwarding, aliases and autoresponders. All three can be very useful for both individuals and organizations. Forwarding allows the user to keep his current email account, possibly on another domain, and redirect emails coming to a new …

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Finding good free scripts for your website

A good web hosting company often provides its website owners with automatically installable scripts for various popular tasks: blogging, photo albums and e-commerce, to name a few. In some special situations, however, it becomes necessary for a webmaster to search for free, reliable scripts on the web. Whether they are …

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