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Urgent exploit found in BIND

A DoS (denial of service) security bug has been found in BIND, and the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) is recommending that users upgrade immediately. BIND, which stands for Berkeley Internet Name Domain is the most widely used and accepted DNS server. Most Linux and other Unix-like server run BIND, and …

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Microsoft embraces the GPL

For years Microsoft has moaned about the evils and dangers of Linux, the GPL, and free and open source software in general. CEO Steve Ballmer notably once called Linux a “cancer”. That was in 2001. Since then, Linux’s share of the server market has grown, chipping away at the old …

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Wind Powered Data Center

A Texas-based company called Baryonyx will soon create a wind-powered data center. They were awarded three energy leases for a total of 46,000 acres. It seems many companies are more willing to consider renewable energy sources and green technology as it becomes more practical and affordable. Those who have struggled …

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Oracle-Sun deal approved

Shareholders of Sun Microsystems voted to approve a $7.4 billion deal that will allow Oracle to acquire Sun. The vote only took three minutes, indicating that it was little more than a formality. Sun had been courted by others, including IBM, but the Oracle offer was apparently too sweet for …

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What's in a password?

Phishing is on the rise, and with more services moving online, web fraud is a serious concern. Most people are pretty confident that their passwords are safe from cybercrime, but are they really? For your Twitter account, maybe you are not that concerned if your password is your daughter’s name, …

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