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What is Reverse DNS?

Question: What is Reverse DNS? Answer: Reverse DNS is a method of determining the domain name associated with an IP address. It is the opposite of DNS, which finds the IP address associated with a domain name. According to Internet standards, every IP address should have a domain name, and …

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What is root and su?

Question: What is root and su? Answer: On Linux and other Unix-like systems, root is the default username of the system administrator or super user (su). Typically, the root user is the only one that has complete read and write access on every file located on a server. Shared hosting …

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What is directory listing?

Question: What is “directory listing” and how do I enable/disable it? Answer: On an Apache HTTP Server, directory listing refers to a directory on the server that does not have a default index file. The file is usually called index.html, index.htm, index.php, etc. That is the default page that visitors …

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Save time with remote reboot

Last week you learned how a routine server reboot can be a costly affair at some dedicated hosts. Even for those of us with more endearing hosts that do not charge for restarts, the process can sometimes take a bit longer than it should. Instead of contacting your provider every …

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What are Xen, Vmware, and Hyper-V?

Question: What are Xen, Vmware, and Hyper-V? Answer: All three are popular virtualization software. Xen is a free and open source virtualization solution and is therefore included in some Linux distributions. Vmware is a commercial company with many virtualization products. Hyper-V, formerly known as Windows Server Virtualization, is a commercial …

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Understanding Linux RAM Usage

Question: I run Windows on my home computer, and I noticed that my Linux dedicated server is always using a lot of RAM. Why? Answer: Windows and Linux utilize RAM in different ways. Someone new to Linux might be alarmed to see that the amount of free RAM Linux leaves …

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