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What's HTTPS?

If you’ve ever shopped online or used Internet banking, you may be familiar with Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Better known as HTTPS, this technology is simply a more secure form of the regular HTTP protocol that uses SSL. HTTPS works by encrypting data that would otherwise be out in the …

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If you’ve ever performed any administrative networking commands on your computer (such as traceroute), you may have noticed the IP You’re not the only one to wonder what this address is used for. In fact, it is used by millions of devices around the world. So just what is …

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CENTR releases video explaining DNS

Ever wanted to show a less-than-tech-savvy friend or family member how DNS works? CENTR, the Council of European Top Level Domain Registries, has released a new video detailing the inner-workings of the system. In case you didn’t know, DNS stands for Domain Name System. It is essentially responsible for converting …

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Tour the MasterCard data center

Few data centers are more important than the one owned by MasterCard in O’Fallon, Missouri. Millions of people swipe their credit cards every day, purchasing anything and everything from coffee to cars. However, few take into consideration the raw computing power that makes all this possible. This YouTube video shows …

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Internet IP Address 2010 Report released

Web service company IP2Location has released its annual Internet IP Address Report. The document analyzes IP usage in 240 countries during 2009. Unsurprisingly, the United States currently holds 37.46% of the world’s IPv4 addresses. Far behind in the number-two position is the United Kingdom, which only owns 9.94% of addresses. …

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