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eBay opens new data centre

After closing its Sacramento data centre back in February, eBay has opened its new facilities in Utah. Data centres are still in high demand in Silicon Valley, and eBay decided to close its eight-year-old centre in favour of opening a newer and more energy efficient facility. The 250,000-bart new centre …

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ICANN Launches Russia's Cyrillic TLD

Yesterday, the first Russian Internet domains with Cyrillic characters were launched. There has been talks about this move for quite some time. The preparation received both praise and concern. Now, ICANN has officially assigned the .рф (.rf, for “Russian Federation”) top-level domain to Russia. What this means is that users …

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Hot tub in the data center?

As part of an advertising campaign, HP has released a rather funny video of… a hot tub in the data center. Three IT admins are having a meeting in the tub, which was supposedly bought with savings from buying HP management software. Of course this video isn’t meant to be …

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Protecting Your Whois Information

If you run a company and have your domain registered under the name of that company, having your Whois information public might actually do your business some good. If something ever goes wrong with your website, Internet-savvy customers will still know how to contact you. But if you are an …

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Is IP cybersquatting a real threat?

In light of the upcoming IPv4 shortage, ARIN President John Curran is concerned that so-called “IP cybersquatting” could emerge where companies could sell their unused addresses on the black market for profit: We’re going to see a similar circumstance [to domain name cyber squatting] to some extent. Certainly there will …

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