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Study Reveals Data Centers Want to Go Green

Yesterday, data center provider Digital Realty Trust published the results of a survey among European IT professionals. Only upper management at large companies were surveyed in what is considered to be one of the largest data center studies to date. According to Jim Smith, CTO of Digital Realty Trust: This …

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Do I Need a Dedicated IP?

Every site uses an IP address, such as 68.812.23.1. If you use shared hosting, your site runs on the same server as hundreds of other websites, meaning that several sites share one IP address. This helps web hosts conserve the limited number of IPs they have. For a small fee …

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CEO: ICANN should be independent

In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, ICANN CEO, Paul Twomey has responded to last week’s calls by EU commissioner Viviane Reding to turn over ICANN to a 12-body international coalition (dubbed the G12). Twomey agrees with Reding’s belief that the United States Department of Commerce should release ICANN, …

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ICANN to introduce new gTLD system in 2010

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has proposed to expand the the resolution system for Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) in 2010. This will directly affect legal cases involving cyber-squatting, when someone registers a domain name that is identical or similar to the trademark of a business (such …

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Plug-n-Play Data Centers

Digital Reality Trust is preparing to introduce a new technology that will install (or plug in) complete data centers on demand. Planning to compete directly with companies like IBM and HP, Digital Reality takes on the expense of building the data center and then charges rent to enterprises for the …

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