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New Web Site Shopping List

You have purchased your domain and a hosting account. Now what do you do? You are ready to get your website started, so here are a few things you might need along the way. 1.Content Management System – Whether you have a blog or a shop, a CMS is pretty …

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What is clan hosting?

Also known as guild hosting, clan hosting is a type of web host service provided to online gaming communities. Players of MMORPGs and multiplayer FPS games often form groups called clans and purchase web hosting to represent themselves online. While a clan website is hosted just like any other site, …

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Catchall Email Addresses

In the world of web hosting, email addresses can either be real or aliases. A real email address is connected to a mailbox on the mail server. That mailbox will hold any messages sent to the address in queue, awaiting the user to either download it or access it from …

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THAT caused a web host outage?

Usually when a web host goes down, the cause is something very mundane. Maybe a router went offline or a hardware upgrade didn’t go as planned. In the case of Rackspace in 2007, however, something no one could have expected knocked one of its data centers out: a truck. In …

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Chinese hackers implicated in CMS hack attack

According to reports, Chinese hackers have infiltrated a number of WordPress and Joomla sites hosted by Go Daddy. The sites are still under attack today as the cyber criminals exploit vulnerabilities in outdated scripts. The hackers are uploading malware to the sites, which visitors to the sites have been prompted …

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Managing Reseller Payments

One common mistake that web hosting resellers make is jumping into the hosting business without any solid plan for customer management. In an ideal world, customers always pay on time and upgrades always go according to plan. The fact is, however, both you and your customers will make mistakes. The …

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The importance of site monitoring

Own a large number of servers or never have time to check up on your websites? If you don’t use a website monitoring service, you’re bound to run into trouble. A site monitoring service is just what the name implies. In the event your site or server goes down, it …

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Worst web host names ever

If you’re like most people, you expect companies to have normal-sounding names. Why would a business risk success with a less-than-stellar play on words? One blog’s compilation of some odd web host, names, just goes to show you that anything is possible on the web. Here are some of the …

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