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Hosting is All About Location

When looking for a host, many webmasters are tempted to pick any provider so long as the features, price, and support are right. While this is all well and good, there is one factor customers often overlook: location. That’s right. Your host’s location actually makes a difference- the closer its …

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Apache Turns Ten

Last month the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) celebrated its 10th anniversary. Apache is the underlying web server technology that powers most of the world’s web sites. According to Netcraft, 49.95% of web sites run on servers powered by Apache. The second closest web server technology belongs to Microsoft at 29.27%. …

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The Truth About "Unlimited" Web Hosting

From time to time, I’ll come across a web host offering unlimited space, no bandwidth caps, or both. These hosts claim that for a low monthly price, often under £10, you can use all the storage and data transfer you want. Other hosts might not be so audacious as to …

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