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FTC Shuts Down California Web Host

Earlier this week, the Federal Trade Commission shut down a California web hosting firm for involvement in spam operations. This is the first time the FTC has ever taken action against a hosting provider. The company, Triple Fiber Network, hosted some 15,000 websites at a data center in San Jose, …

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The Horror of Hotlinking

Find yourself using too much bandwidth? While the pictures and video content many of us host on our sites use a fair bit of data transfer, a hidden threat may be hogging more resources than you realize. Also known as inline linking, hotlinking occurs when someone else uses a picture …

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Does PageRank Influence Search Engine Ranking?

As most webmasters are aware, PageRank is a numerical ranking Google assigns to each webpage it indexes. Ranging from 1-10, some will swear by the number, while others could care less about it. Should you be concerned about PageRank influencing search engine rankings? In short, no. There is the old …

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Dell to use laptop chips in mini servers

Via is known for its low power, energy efficient processors, and they often used in portable devices. Using one to run a server seems unfathomable. But Dell has introduced a new ultra-light server called the XS11-VX8 that will rely on the netbook-friendly processors for its computing. The servers are design …

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