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5 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

Question: My website is a little too slow. Do I need to find a new web host? Answer: 1. Your web host – These is the easy one to assume, that your web hosting company is just offering slow service. But it might not be true. Test it. There are …

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When stepping into the world of web hosting, you will be inundated with abbreviations, acronyms, and recursive acronyms. Three that you should definitely know are: HTML, XHTML, and CSS. HTML is as old as the Web itself. It stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is the primary language of …

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What is Load Balancing?

Among the web hosting terms you might come across and say to yourself, “Huh?” is the term load balancing. Simply put, load balancing is a method of balancing a server load, just as the name implies. If a web hosting company has some large clients on a few servers, they …

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What is a robots.txt file?

Question: What is a robots.txt file? Answer: The Robot Exclusion Standard allows a website owner to exclude certain parts of a website from being accessed by search engine spiders and other types of automated tools. This is useful if you have something internal or used only for testing that you …

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Static vs Dynamic Websites

Question: What is the difference between a static website and a dynamic website? Answer: A static website relies on traditional HTML pages to display content. Typically, a person will create the pages in an offline editor, such as Dreamweaver or even a plain text editor like Notepad, and then upload …

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Before you hire someone to design your website

Whether you are a business owner, freelancer, or hobbyist, having a website can have great benefits in expanding your audience and marketability. Unless you also have web design experience, you have probably considered hiring someone to design your site. Here are a few things to consider before you make a …

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How to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

Question: How do I force users to use the SSL version of a folder on my website? Answer: With e-commerce websites it is very important to make sure your customers have a secure connection to your website. Nothing can be more damaging to a business than to have sensitive user …

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2 Ways to Redirect Your Website

Question: I want my website redirected to another site or page on my server. How do I setup automatic redirection? Answer: There are many easy ways to redirect your website. Here are two commonly used methods. 1. .htaccess Redirect: Using an .htaccess file, you can instruct a visitor’s browser to …

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