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Live help desks are too annoying

Web hosts, take note! Anyone who has ever bought something online, particularly domains or hosting, is familiar with online chat. Usually you visit a site only to be immediately accosted by about a dozen pop-up chat boxes. Rick, Peter, and Catherine are always giddy to serve me. But I’m never …

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The importance of upgradability

Say you pick a certain web hosting plan or rent a dedicated server only to find three months later you need more power. Should you pay another setup fee? In most cases, no. Hosts have different policies on upgrading plans, but a good host will understand that that the unexpected …

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What is green web hosting?

Everyone is going green these days, including web hosts. Those in the market for a new web host have probably seem the term “green web hosting” thrown around a lot. But just what makes a host green? Unfortunately, there are no set standards regulating what constitutes “green.” A host can …

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How to build backlinks

Building backlinks is essential to creating a successful website. Links not only provide direct traffic to your website, but are used by search engines to determine your site’s ranking for keywords. Unfortunately, many webmasters neglect to build backlinks and then wonder why their traffic is so low. Follow these tips …

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Domain Auto-Renewal Pros and Cons

Many domain registrars offer a service that will automatically bill your credit card, on or near the anniversary of your domain registration, to renew your domain. Some registrars have this feature set by default, while others require you to opt-in. At any rate, the outcome is that your domain is …

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99% Uptime Guarantee

It seems as though nearly all web hosting providers promise 99% uptime. Therefore, the promise alone does not make the choice any easier. While there are sites that provide monitoring services that rate the actual uptime of hosts, the real question you should ask a web host is what the …

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3 reasons you should not start a web host

These days, it seems like everyone has a friend of cousin in the web hosting business. Most of these people entering the industry thinking, “I’ll just get a reseller account or VPS, rely on friends to and family to refer clients, and make thousands of dollars without doing any work.” …

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