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Fixing APT problems

Question: I get an error on my server with apt-get, and it will not let me install any new packages. What should I do? Answer: Depending on the error, there are a number of solutions you can try. The first is to tell APT to resolve any unfinished transactions or …

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Frontpage web hosting

Frontpage is a WYSIWYG editor created by Microsoft. Though it is now legacy software, having been replaced by the company’s new Expression Web, there is still significant demand for Frontpage web hosting. The good news is most hosts still provide Frontpage extensions, the technology needed for the software to sync …

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SSH security tips: Part 1

SSH is a great tool to have when you need remote access to a server, and it is naturally more secure than other methods, such as Telnet. Nevertheless, you should still take care to make sure your OpenSSH server is as secure as possible. Here are two tips to get …

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Find and replace text in multiple files

Question: How can I find and replace text in multiple files? Answer: If you have perl installed on your server, you can easily use it to perform the function you need. Even if you do not have root access to the server, basic user SSH access will be enough. Let’s …

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