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Frontpage web hosting

Frontpage is a WYSIWYG editor created by Microsoft. Though it is now legacy software, having been replaced by the company’s new Expression Web, there is still significant demand for Frontpage web hosting. The good news is most hosts still provide Frontpage extensions, the technology needed for the software to sync …

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Create your own blog

Hosting a blog is a great way to organise thoughts and ideas on any topic. In fact, they are one of the most popular websites these days. Whereas in the past webmasters turned to static HTML websites, many now find they can get better functionality from a blog. If you’re …

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Create your own website

Before you decide to create your own website, you should evaluate your own skill level. If you have made websites before and have experience with XHTML and CSS, you can skip to the next step. If you do not, you should start learning or consider one of the alternatives. The …

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Coda: An FTP client and HTML editor in one

Coda is a lightweight HTML editor for the Mac that not only lets you write HTML, but can do quite a bit more. It has a built-in FTP client, preview mode, dedicated stylesheet editor, spell check, and downloadable plugins. While Coda is undoubtedly one of the best OS X HTML …

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Benefits of Using CSS

There are many design benefits to using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), but there are also technical ones that any website owner or server administrator should consider. Originally, websites were mostly just text and images with no fancy boxes, menus, or other slick layout schemes. Over time people started getting more …

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Flash-based Websites

Question: I just purchased a small hosting account for my art studio, and I am considering having a Flash designer make the site. Is this a good idea? Answer: Flash-based sites have many benefits: virtually unlimited possibilities for animations, video streaming, and dynamic applications. All of that, however, comes with …

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World Web Foundation launches

The World Web Foundation, a venture of web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, officially launched today. The goal of the organization is to create programs intded increase Internet usage worldwide. Steve Bratt, CEO of the WWF, stated: The whole mission of the Web Foundation is to advance the Web as a …

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The 10% Rule

One of the hardest parts of web design is dealing with users who do not follow mainstream technology trends. They may be using an outdated browser, a 256-color video card, or viewing your site on a very small resolution. What do you do with them? Multimedia developer Anthony Celeste has …

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