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Scribd Dumps Adobe Flash for HTML5

Scribd CTO Jared Freedman has announced that the document sharing website in HTML 5, abandoning the proprietary Adobe Flash application that has powered their site for the past three years. The move comes days after Apple CEO Steve Jobs offered his manifesto against flash and why it was bad for …

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Test Your Website in Multiple Browsers

The most difficult task in creating a new website is having to test it in all of the various browsers that your site’s visitors might use. The days of Netscape versus Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) are over, and the days of MSIE reigning supreme are just about gone as well. …

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Understand absolute and relative paths

When dealing with a web server, it is important to understand the relationships of one file to another, those files to the server, and those files to the Web. When creating hyperlinks or configuring various website options, particularly PHP or Perl scripts, you will need to know both absolute paths …

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The Latest in the HTML 5 Saga

For the past year, we have been following the development of the HTML 5 standard, particularly as it relates to streaming video, an issue of importance for both web hosting providers and their clients. There are some new developments that may change the situation for the better. Originally, HTML 5 …

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Mobile versions of website

Question: Should I have a complete mobile version of my website? Answer: It is certainly an inconvenience to create a whole new version of your site, but the facts show that more people are accessing website from their mobile devices. For some people, this may even be their only method …

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Adobe to enter the web hosting market?

Adobe is set to release its long-awaited Creative Suite 5. Among other things, the the company is offering web designers using the product a special new feature– managed web hosting for their clients. Called Business Catalyst, it’s supposed to make it easier for customers to get their sites online. However, …

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Nvu- the free WYSIWYG HTML editor

Looking for a free Microsoft Expression Web or Dreamweaver alternative? Nvu is an open-source WYSIWYG HTML and CSS editor with great documentation and a helpful support community. Nvu has a built-in file manager and supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is designed specially for beginning webmasters, but is perfectly fine …

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Counters are so 1999

Still using a counter on your website? Then you probably still listen to vinyl records and run Windows 95. Although very popular in the web’s early days, counter scripts are now very outdated technology and only websites stuck in the 1990s still use them. Most counters are not only ugly …

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