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Get ready for Internet Explorer 9

Website owners, take note. Microsoft is releasing a new version of its Internet Explorer web browser. Slated for release in the coming months, Internet Explorer 9 is different from previous versions in that it relies much more heavily on computer hardware to render web pages with its support for GPU-accelerated …

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Yahoo launches web style guide

The digital age has created many words in the English language and so far, no single standard for spelling them has prevailed. Is it ‘smartphone’ or ‘smart phone?’ Should you capitalize ‘Internet?’ ‘Ecommerce’ or ‘e-commerce?’ Yahoo is attempting to set a standard with its new Yahoo! Style Guide. Whereas other …

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What kind of computer do you need to build websites?

If you’re getting started with HTML or want to create a CMS website, you might be wondering how fast of a computer you need. Most people are surprised to learn that building a website does not require an expensive computer. Unless you plan on using high-power software like Adobe Dreamweaver, …

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How to Insert HTML5 Video

We have been covering the developments of HTML5 in the Web world, but we have not yet explored exactly how to get HTML5 video onto a website. The good news is that embedding HTML5 video is painfully easy. It only requires one basic tag: <video> . To make something a …

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Why keyword domains are so important for SEO

A relevant keyword domain by itself is pretty much useless for SEO. Search engines algorithms pay much more attention to factors like inbound links and page content than the domain name keywords. But having that perfect premium domain can be the ticket to better rankings. How so? You can use …

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Buy.com to sell for $250 million

Japanese firm Rakuten Inc. has announced that it will acquire web retailer Buy.com for $250 million in a cash deal. The site is well-known in the United States a competitor to Amazon. Rakuten is Japan’s number-one e-commerce site. Hiroshi Mikitani, the company’s CEO, stated: We feel it has a great …

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What is SVG?

Question: What is SVG? Answer: SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It is an open, XML-based graphics format that is being incorporated in Web standards. Many browsers already support SVG to some degree. It can be used for both still images and animations. Because SVG is a vector graphics format, …

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Please stop building these websites

Web comic guru The Oatmeal has published a hilarious piece entitled, “8 Websites You Need to Stop Building.” The list parodies all the hype behind social networking sites, Digg alternatives, and the like. My favorite inclusions: 5. Social media websites Too many people claim to be “social media experts” and …

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