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eBay opens new data centre

After closing its Sacramento data centre back in February, eBay has opened its new facilities in Utah. Data centres are still in high demand in Silicon Valley, and eBay decided to close its eight-year-old centre in favour of opening a newer and more energy efficient facility. The 250,000-foot new centre …

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Live help desks are too annoying

Web hosts, take note! Anyone who has ever bought something online, particularly domains or hosting, is familiar with online chat. Usually you visit a site only to be immediately accosted by about a dozen pop-up chat boxes. Rick, Peter, and Catherine are always giddy to serve me. But I’m never …

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The importance of upgradability

Say you pick a certain web hosting plan or rent a dedicated server only to find three months later you need more power. Should you pay another setup fee? In most cases, no. Hosts have different policies on upgrading plans, but a good host will understand that that the unexpected …

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What is green web hosting?

Everyone is going green these days, including web hosts. Those in the market for a new web host have probably seem the term “green web hosting” thrown around a lot. But just what makes a host green? Unfortunately, there are no set standards regulating what constitutes “green.” A host can …

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Anonymous offshore hosting

Got something to hide? There are a number of perfectly legal reasons why a website owner might not want his or her identity revealed. Perhaps you wish to bash your employer or don’t want a future employer to associate you with Rick Astley. Whatever your reasons, there is large market …

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Opera commits to Iceland data center project

Web browser maker Opera has announced plans to buy space in a new data center in Hafnarfjorour, Iceland. This isn’t just any data center, however. Dubbed the Thor Data Center, this facility is green and low-cost. It not only uses Iceland’s cool temperatures to air-cool servers, but is entirely container-based …

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