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Take a look at a Google server

Google has long been a leader in the search industry, but did you know that the company is also a pioneer of data center technology? The video above shows a typical Google web server on display at the Google Data Center Energy Summit in 2009. As you can see, Google …

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What is a Linux Package?

linux package

Question: I have a new Linux dedicated server, and I have read a lot of documentation referring to packages. What are Linux packages? Answer: In Linux distributions, a “package” refers to a compressed file archive containing all of the files that come with a particular application. The files are usually …

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How to Connect via SSH

SSH secure iconSSH stands for Secure Shell and is a secure encrypted method of connecting to a server for shell/command line access. It can be useful for shared hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers. Linux server usually come with SSH enabled by default, although some web hosts may disable …

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Advantages of Open Source Software

Free and open source software is licensed under terms that allow the user to view, modify, and redistribute the source code. Proprietary software usually has license restrictions that prevent this, as is the default copyright in nearly all countries. Because of this, free software licenses are often called “copyleft”, since …

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MySQL Optimization: Part 2

1. Query cache – On most servers, there are certain MySQL queries that you and/or your scripts will run more often than others. In fact, you may run the same query hundreds or even thousands of times in a single day. The query_cache setting will save the most used queries …

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Types of Hosting Explained

If you are in the market for hosting, you’ve probably seen a number of terms thrown around. Words like ‘shared hosting,’ ‘VPS’ and ‘reseller plan’ make perfect sense to people in the industry, but hosting gurus often take for granted that newcomers understand these definitions. Here’s a brief guide to …

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Wall Street data center expanded

Data center provider NYI has just completed work on NYI X-Connect, a facility expansion that will provide more colocation and dedicated server rental to the finance industry. The facility is unique in that it is located on Wall Street, allowing investors and financial analysts to access the latest data as …

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