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February, 2010

  • 18 February

    Test your server load with curl-loader

    It is very difficult to test a server’s real-world performance under stress. While you could hire a company or individual to bombard your server, the cost involved may not be worth the results. The open source application called curl-loader simulates load and application behavior of thousands of HTTP/HTTPS and FTP/FTPS …

  • 15 February

    DNS Evaluation with intoDNS

    Part of managing a server or even a single website is making sure the DNS is sound and in compliance with established networking and Internet standards. While you can evaluate each of your DNS entries manually, there are many services out there that make evaluation very easy. One such service …

  • 9 February

    3 tools to keep your website secure, accessible, and fast

    Whenever you start a new website, you want to make sure everyone can see it, that it loads quickly, and that hackers can’t bring it to its knees. Here are a few useful web tools to make sure you cover all three: 1. Accessibility. A-Checker – An accessibility testing tool. …

  • 1 February

    Speed up Google Analytics on your server

    The Problem: You have a frequently visited website and use Google Analytics to gather important statistical information about your users. Unfortunately, every time a user accesses your main page, it takes longer load whenever they have to download the urchin.js file that Google’s server sends. The essentially technical problem is …

January, 2010

  • 26 January

    Create an XML sitemap for your website

    A site map is a single document that links to all other documents within a website. Essentially, it provides an overview of all of the site’s content. Over the years, as website sizes have increased, sitemaps have become instrument in search engine optimization (SEO). Google introduced a tool called Google …

  • 22 January

    Tips for using web templates

    Templates are a great way to give your website a professional look without hiring a professional designer, but can do more harm than good if used improperly. Here are three important tips to keep in mind when using an HTML template: 1. Change the logo. Chances are good the template …

  • 13 January

    Adding "last modified" code to your PHP website

    Question: How can I use PHP to display the “last modified” date on my website’s main page? Answer: For any type of website that includes factual information, it is important to tell users when the information was added to the site. Information that was relevant five years ago might not …

  • 13 January

    Logging user agent data in Apache

    Question: How do I tell Apache to log user agent information? Answer: Normally, Apache logs information about site visitors to /var/logs/httpd/ and uses files like access_log, error_log, etc. While it does give some information about the users, it does not include user agent information by default. User agent information looks …

  • 12 January

    How to delete multiple files in various directories in Linux

    Question: When uploading files to my Linux server from my windows computer, I have accumulated WS_FTP.log files and thumbs.db files in multiple directories. Is there an easy way to delete all of them at once without navigating through each directory? Answer: With Linux, of course there is. You can accomplish …

  • 11 January

    How to use Apache to deny access to certain directories

    In the past, we explained how to deny access to a file or directory with the allow/deny Apache server directive. There are, however, two other ways to do it that may be more to your liking. The allow/deny directive displays the 403 Forbidden page or whatever you have in its …

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