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May, 2010

  • 26 May

    Should you file a copyright for your website?

    If you design a website or write content for for it, you are entitled to all the benefits of the intellectual property. Although the vast majority of webmasters never become involved in copyright disputes, sometimes website owners ask if they should file a copyright for their work. In short, no. …

  • 20 May

    Accepting PayPal Payments

    Having your own ecommerce website can be very exciting. The first time you make a sale is a memorable moment for any business. With any such site, you need to offer as many payment methods as possible. One popular payment method that is used by both users and businesses alike, …

  • 18 May

    E-mail Address vs Contact Form

    You want to make sure your website visitors can contact you, and you have made every effort to make sure they can find the “Contact Us” page, but what do you want to include on the page? Should you list your email addresses, have only a contact form, or provide …

  • 14 May

    New Web Site Shopping List

    You have purchased your domain and a hosting account. Now what do you do? You are ready to get your website started, so here are a few things you might need along the way. 1.Content Management System – Whether you have a blog or a shop, a CMS is pretty …

  • 12 May

    Using Copyrighted Material

    Previously, I explained some of the areas of concern regarding the copyright of one’s own website, but there is another important facet of copyright that you should consider. Excluding social media sites, the expectation for a website is that the content belongs to the website owner. While there are certain …

  • 12 May

    Creating Good Passwords

    Whether you have a single small website or a data center filled with servers, security should always be at the top of your agenda. One of the most basic security holes that attackers often exploit is the weak password. It is important for you and any users on your server …

  • 12 May

    Please stop building these websites

    Web comic guru The Oatmeal has published a hilarious piece entitled, “8 Websites You Need to Stop Building.” The list parodies all the hype behind social networking sites, Digg alternatives, and the like. My favorite inclusions: 5. Social media websites Too many people claim to be “social media experts” and …

  • 11 May

    Why Browser Detection Fails

    No matter what browser you use, there is a good chance you have come to a website that would not load. I am not referring to the sites that function incorrectly in a browser. I mean those websites that purposely deny your browser access because it is not the “right” …

April, 2010

  • 26 April

    User agent validity

    One common usage analysis data tool you can use to get a snapshot of your website users is the “user agent” string provided by web browsers. Generally speaking, the user agent will tell you what browser and operating system the user is running. It should also give the versions of …

  • 26 April

    Licensing Your Website

    From the title of this blog, one might imagine having to stand in line at some type of bureau for websites to get the proper licensing needed, but it is actually not that complicated. In the most simplistic scenario, you are the owner of your website and thus own the …

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