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February, 2013

  • 22 February

    OpenVZ vs. Xen — Who is the Virtual Winner?


    Virtualisation has become very important in the last few years.  With the weak economy and need to cut back in spending, virtual servers have become a mainstream tactic.  However, you need to choose the right software to split your physical server into private servers.  This can be tricky since there …

July, 2010

  • 28 July

    Server Hardware Tips

    Server Hardware Tips

    Much of the discussion about web hosting and servers centers around operating systems, software, and web applications. But one should not overlook hardware, which can make or break website performance. Here are a few hardware tips to make sure you get the most for your money. 1. When possible, opt …

  • 26 July

    Reconsider your hosting needs and save money

    Do you really need 500 GB of space and a terabyte of bandwidth? What about that quad-core server you’ve been renting for the last twelve months? While web hosting needs often increase over time, they can decrease as well, often without you realizing it. If you have a high-end web …

  • 21 July

    How to Change Your FTP Port

    The default port for most FTP servers is 21, and that is how most system administrators will leave it. The majority of FTP clients are configured to use it, and some will not even ask you to change it unless you dig through the configuration. There are, however, a few …

June, 2010

  • 9 June

    How to Sync Two Websites on the Same Server

    Question: I have two separate websites that I want to have identical data on each site. How can I do this? Answer: First of all, to sync files on two separate sites on the same server, you will need to have a user that has write permissions on both sites. …

May, 2010

  • 13 May

    What is PHP Safe Mode?

    A “safe mode” in general is a term used to refer to software that has all but the most critical components disabled in order to increase stability. Often times when there is a stability or security issue, running in safe mode will allow the user to still access the system …

April, 2010

  • 2 April

    How to change the Postfix port number

    By default, Postfix, Sendmail, and other SMTP mail servers rely on port 25 to send email. Normally, this is fine and works for most situations. Some Internet Service Providers, however, disagree. They see port 25 as a prime port for spammer exploitation, and many have started to block it. If …

March, 2010

  • 31 March

    What is burstable RAM?

    Burstable RAM is a term used in the VPS industry to describe extra RAM set aside for high-traffic needs. Providers will often advertise a given amount of RAM on a VPS (256 MB, for example), but say it is burstable up to 384 MB. This means you will always have …

  • 18 March

    How to rename multiple files in Linux

    The ability clusters of files is a handy skill to have when running a dedicated server or VPS, and in some cases, it is absolutely necessary. For example, if you ever need to migrate from one server to another or from one software/application system to another, you might need to …

  • 16 March

    Can a VPS hacker bring down an entire server?

    Question: Can a VPS hacker bring down an entire server? Answer: A virtual private server (VPS) works by sectioning off a full server or node (in the case of hardware virtualization) from the larger server or cluster. As such, the VPS functions like a fully independent server even though it …

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