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March, 2010

  • 15 March

    First dotcom domain celebrates 25th anniversary

    Although it was 1985 with Symbolics computers in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA registered the very first .com domain name, it would take nearly 12 years for Web as we know it to really explode with doctoms. “This birthday is really significant because what we are celebrating here is the internet and …

August, 2009

  • 19 August

    Guatemala to open up .gt domain

    Like many countries, Guatemala does not allow registrations on its .gt domain. Instead, registrants can choose between .com.gt, .net,gt, and other second-level names. The country has decided to change the rules, however, and will start accepting top-level registrations on the .gt domain. The new registration option will be available by …

  • 17 August

    UK Businessman in Heated Dispute Over .AE Domain

    As if the .ae top-level domain craze could stand to get more sensational, Michael Reed, a businessman from the United Kingdom, is complaining that the UAE domain regulator, .aeDA unlawfully took back a domain he had legitimately registered. The domain in question is Irena.ae. Reed owns a 12-year-old trademark for …

  • 12 August

    Gore and Gorbachev in battle over .eco

    The battle for the .eco top-level domain (TLD) is heating up with more politicians turned activists jumping out of the pasture and into the crossfire. We have already told you about Al Gore’s involvement in trying to secure the ultimate “green” TLD. His Dot Eco LLC has been engaged in …

July, 2009

  • 28 July

    WIPO rules in favor of free speech over trademark

    In a rather interesting domain dispute, the Sutherland Institute, a right-wing think tank, accused the registrants of sutherlandinstitute.com of cybersquatting. The actual website of the institute is sutherlandinstitute.org. The respondents used the .com top-level domain to run an protest site they claimed was a parody of the real Sutherland Institute. …