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December, 2009

  • 22 December

    How to create subdomains in cPanel

    A subdomain is an nice way to make a sub-section of your website stand out. For example, if your domain is “garbleygook.com”, and you want the “store” to be noticeable, you could create a subdomain called “store.garbleygook.com”. Creating subdomains in cPanel is much quicker and easier than trying to do …

October, 2009

  • 26 October

    What is a subdomain?

    Question: What is a subdomain and why should I use one? Answer: A subdomain is simply a word used as a prefix before a domain name. For example, if the domain is domain.com, a subdomain could be sub.domain.com. Typically, a subdomain would serve as an alternative to domain.com/sub, although if …

September, 2009

  • 9 September

    The caveats of free blog hosting

    blog hosting

    Blogs are all the rage these days. It seems like everyone and their dog has one. Not able to justify the expense of web hosting, many new bloggers have turned to free hosts specially designed for blogs only. While it’s a good way for some to save money, there are …

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