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April, 2010

  • 22 April

    SSD in a server?

    A webhostingtalk.com user asked an important question: Are solid-state drives “the next big thing” in server hardware? SSDs provide a distinct advantage over traditional platter-based hard drives because they have no moving parts. This not only makes them more reliable, but increases their speeds. SSDs are up to five times …

November, 2009

  • 13 November

    HP buys 3com for $2.7 billion

    In a deal that could have far-reaching effects on the data center industry, Hewlett-Packard has bought networking giant 3com for $2.7 billion. HP’s goal is to combine its extensive range of server offerings with 3com’s networking products. By doing so, it should be able to compete much better against Cisco, …

  • 11 November

    Why is server hardware so expensive?

    Everything that goes into a server— from the the case itself to the power supply to the hard drive— tends to be more expensive than desktop computer parts. Why is this? Servers operate under more stressful conditions than consumer PCs and are expected to be more reliable, so server-grade parts …

October, 2009

  • 28 October

    Is dual core the same as dual processor?

    When shopping for a dedicated server, you may face the decision between a dual-processor server and a dual-core server. The two terms can be confusing, and newcomers to the industry could easily confuse one for the other. A dual-core processor is one CPU with two separate parts. The operating system …