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The .ru ccTLD has a long-held reputation as a haven for spam and cyber crime, but recent changes made to the domain’s registration requirements could clean it up.

It used to be very easy for criminals to register .ru names with fake identities. But as of April 1, all registrants have to provide a copy of a passport or business registration papers in order to buy a domain. China implemented a similar system several months ago to clean up its .cn extension.

Will Russia’s actions improve .ru’s reputation? Probably, but by making registration such an inconvenience, many legitimate users will find another TLD to register. And as Rodney Joffe, chief technologist at Neustar put it, “It’s pushing the malicious activity elsewhere. If it’s so much of a hassle, [criminals will] say, ‘Screw it. I’m going to register another top-level domain.'”

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Forbes nails cybersquatter for $300,000 https://www.internetblog.org.uk/post/896/forbes-nails-cybersquatter-for-300000/ Mon, 18 Jan 2010 18:30:37 +0000 http://www.internetblog.org.uk/post/895/forbes-nails-cybersquatter-for-300000/ moscow russia
The Russian division of business periodical Forbes has won a dispute over the name Forbes.ru. In addition to the name, a Moscow arbitration court has awarded the company $300,000 USD in damages. This is the largest compensation ever awarded to an American company in a Russian court case.

Because Forbes did not initially own Forbes.ru, it was forced to launch its magazine on ForbesRussia.ru last November. Grigory Punanov, chief editor, stated:

We fought for a long time for the legal right to use the domain name Forbes.ru… I hope the ruling will enter legal force and that our site will soon be available at that address.

Forbes will now be faced with the challenge of informing visitors and subscribers of its new web address. This could easily eat up all of its $300,000 settlement.

Source | The Moscow Times

More domain extensions to be IDN-ready https://www.internetblog.org.uk/post/468/more-domain-extensions-to-be-idn-ready/ Wed, 09 Sep 2009 02:50:43 +0000 http://www.internetblog.org.uk/post/468/more-domain-extensions-to-be-idn-ready/ cyrillic keyboard
Yesterday, Bulgeria made news when it announced the availability of its .bg extension in Cyrillic. Now, two more extensions are stepping up to the IDN plate: .eu and Russia’s .rf.

Because .eu is a TLD intended for all of Europe, plans are in place to support alphabets for 23 different languages starting December 10. This will make it the most linguistically diverse domain extension in the world.

Not to be left out of the picture, Russia will begin accepting Cyrillic registrations next summer on the .rf extension, a previously unused domain for the Russian Federation.

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