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The .post TLD was approved by ICANN today. It is slated to go live by mid-2010.

The new extension will be used by postal systems around the world. It will be managed by the UN Universal Postal Union (UPU).General Edouard Dayan, Director of the UPU, stated in response to the approval, ‘Postal services will explore new frontiers and basically go where no postal services have gone before.’

Personally, I really don’t see much of a use for .post. Postal services are so few and far between that the cost of operating the extension will outweigh any benefits it provides. Besides, most national post services are already doing quite fine operating under a generic TLD or country domain.

Source | The Straits Times
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ICANN considering .post domain https://www.internetblog.org.uk/post/592/icann-considering-post-domain/ Wed, 21 Oct 2009 13:52:01 +0000 http://www.internetblog.org.uk/post/592/icann-considering-post-domain/ post office box
With so many people choosing email over traditional snail mail these days, it seems as though post offices are feeling a bit left out in the Internet age. The U.N.’s Universal Postal Union hopes to change that with the creation of a .post domain.

The gTLD would be available to any postal service provider around the globe. The UPU submitted an application for .post in 2004. This week, ICANN gave the UPU approval to sponsor the extension.

Before the name can go live, however, approval is also necessary from the Board of Directors. After ICANN’s meeting in Seoul on October 30, a pubic comments process will begin. If no major obstacles are encountered in these two phases, we could see a .post domain soon.