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The ccTLD has experienced slow growth due to strict registration requirements. Only individuals living in Ireland or companies with trade ties are allowed to register a .ie name. There is an exception to this rule for Community Trademark holders, however. Registrants are also not allowed to register names for resale.

So why register a .ie domain with all these restrictions attached? Because there are so few registrations, a number of premium names are still available. While few good .coms are still available and other countries have sold off their domain gold, there is still a lot of gold left in .ie’s pot. But only if you’re Irish, of course.

Slow growth for .IE ccTLD https://www.internetblog.org.uk/post/1294/slow-growth-for-ie-cctld/ Mon, 10 May 2010 19:19:46 +0000 http://www.internetblog.org.uk/post/1293/slow-growth-for-ie-cctld/ ireland
As ccTLDs grow like wildfire, Ireland’s .IE domain saw lackluster growth of only 2.2% last year. And with a total registration base of only 141,000, the domain’s adoption is low compared to many other countries.

David Curtin, Chief Executive of the IE Domain Registry, blames the slow growth on Ireland’s deep recession, but bad economic times hasn’t stopped domain industry growth in other locales.

It is more likely that the name isn’t being marketed very well and that restrictions are preventing many prospective registrants from using .IE. However, it is also important to keep in mind that Ireland has a relatively small population and many of the multi-national corporations located there probably prefer the more global .com TLD.

Strong growth for .IE domain https://www.internetblog.org.uk/post/562/strong-growth-for-ie-domain/ Fri, 09 Oct 2009 14:05:16 +0000 http://www.internetblog.org.uk/post/562/strong-growth-for-ie-domain/ ireland rainbow
Despite a sluggish economy, Ireland’s .ie domain is taking off. Compared to last quarter, it has seen a growth of a 15%– 31,862 registrations. IE Domain Registry chief David Curtin stated:

It is encouraging to see continued growth in .ie domain names, demonstrating that Irish businesses are seeing growth opportunities online despite the more challenging economic environment they face.

Most of the new registrations are from sole traders, companies, charities, and other organisations. Ireland’s .ie hasn’t seen as much growth as other ccTLDs in the past because of the strict registration guidelines. However, a 64% decrease in registration price has made the extension much more desirable.

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