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October, 2009

  • 23 October

    ICANN Seoul Meeting starts this Monday

    Web industry leaders from across the world will be packing their bags this weekend for ICANN’s 36th International Meeting in Seoul, South Korea. The event runs October 25- 30. A hot topic of discussion will be IDNs— domains containing non-Latin characters. Rod Beckstrom, CEO of ICANN, stated: This is an …

  • 2 October

    Rod Beckstrom answers your questions

    ICANN has been criticized in the past for paying too little attention to end users. Now the agency’s CEO, Rod Beckstrom, has decided to give Joe the Plumber an ear and an eye by answering a few questions submitted by readers at Guardian.co.uk. Here is a summary of the questions …

September, 2009

  • 25 September

    .SU celebrates 19 years

    The .su ccTLD was delegated to the Soviet Union in 1990– just one year before its collapse. Though Russia eventually switched to the .ru suffix three years later, .su is still alive and kickin’. It celebrated its 19th birthday this week. Today, there are more than 80,000 .su registrations. The …

  • 9 September

    More domain extensions to be IDN-ready

    Yesterday, Bulgeria made news when it announced the availability of its .bg extension in Cyrillic. Now, two more extensions are stepping up to the IDN plate: .eu and Russia’s .rf. Because .eu is a TLD intended for all of Europe, plans are in place to support alphabets for 23 different …

  • 8 September

    Bulgaria's .bg domain now available in Cyrillic

    Well ahead of ICANN’s planned implementation of IDNs, Bulgaria’s official domain registry, Register.bg, has announced the availability of .bg domains in Cyrillic. This makes the Balkan country one of the first to support a non-Latin alphabet. There are some caveats, however. Most notably, only one Cyrillic character can be used …

July, 2009

  • 22 July

    New ICANN CEO releases address

    New ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom has been in his post for more than three weeks now, but just released his first public address yesterday. In the message, Paul Twomey’s replacement talks about how excited he is to be working at ICANN and details his plans for the future. While it’s …

  • 21 July

    How ICANN's "three character policy" could constrain IDN development

    Soon, ICANN will allow Internationalized Domain Names to be registered. These names will allow speakers of languages like Japanese, Swahili, and Russian to register domains in their native vernacular using characters not found in Latin-derived alphabets. Unfortunately, it seems as though an outdated ICANN policy might seriously hinder the IDN …

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