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September, 2009

  • 30 September

    New ICANN oversight model announced

    With the expiration of the JPA today, a new framework for the oversight of ICANN has been announced. The new model puts less emphasis on U.S. government involvement and relies more on input from foreign governments and the private sector. Called the Affirmation of Commitments, this new agreement lasts indefinitely. …

  • 24 September

    Rod Beckstrom responds to Congress

    Last week, two Congressmen sent a letter to ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom expressing concern about the new gTLD program. Now the CEO has written a response. Beckstrom stood behind the gTLD plan. ICANN stands to make a good bit of money from gTLDs, so it’s it’s only natural that the …

  • 23 September

    CADNA calls for audit of ICANN

    CADNA, a non-profit organization often at odds with ICANN, has called for a full audit of the Internet governing agency– exactly one week before the expiration of the JPA. CADNA wants the government to carefully investigate ICANN’s policies, structure, governance, and oversight methods before any changes are made to the …

  • 18 September

    New gTLDs to be delayed

    Things were looking bad for the new gTLD program yesterday when two Congressmen criticized the plan, but now it looks like ICANN is having problems of its own. According to an inside source at DN Journal, internal developments at the California organization will more than likely delay the gTLD system …

  • 17 September

    ICANN receives letter of concern from Congress

    Two high-ranking Republicans from the House Judiciary Committee– Lamar Smith, R-TX, and Howard Coble, R-NC– sent a letter to new ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom this week expressing concern about the new gTLD system and the expiration of the JPA, slated to occur in less than two weeks. The two expressed …

  • 11 September

    38th ICANN meeting to be held in Brussels

    ICANN announced today that Brussels, Belgium will play host to its 38th international meeting on June 20-25, 2010. The event is to be sponsored by the European Registry of Internet Domain Names (EURid), the operator of the .eu TLD. A number of other European cities were also considered for the …

  • 10 September

    Open letter to ICANN demands recognition of non-commercial users

    The Noncommercial Users Constituency (NCUC) sent an open letter to ICANN this week, criticizing the organization for its failure to pay attention to non-commercial Internet users like you and I. It was sent in response to the recent approval of a new charter by ICANN that favors commercial groups and …

  • 1 September

    African ccTLD operators careful to avoid ICANN

    Most domain extension operators around the world, especially American TLDs, work with ICANN on some level, but a recent InfoWorld article shows that most African ccTLDs do not wish to work with the California organization, opting not to join its Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO). Many of these domain …

August, 2009

  • 28 August

    ICANN Plans to Rethink Expired Domain Recovery

    It happens all too often. You have a lapse and forget to renew your domain name registration. One day you go to your website to find it filled with text link ads instead of your content. Re-registering should be simple, but ICANN‘s At-Large-Advisory Committee (ALAC) reports that the methods available …

  • 27 August

    Chinese Language TLDs Coming

    China is moving full speed ahead in its plans to introduce a top-level-domain in the Chinese language. Like the current .cn TLD, the new country domain will use two characters. There have been technical hurdles to implementing Chinese characters in TLDs, but the China Internet Network Information Center now seems …