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October, 2009

  • 30 October

    Acceptance of IDN applications to begin next month

    ICANN has just announced that starting November 16, nations will be able to start applying for IDNs. This comes after a promise from the agency to speed up the creation of an IDN system. Rod Beckstrom, CEO of ICANN, stated: This is only the first step, but it is an …

  • 26 October

    ICANN announces delay of gTLDs, expediates IDNs

    For more than a month now rumors have been rampant that ICANN’s new gTLD program would be delayed. Today, the agency made the news official, stating that the new extension approval policy will be delayed beyond Q2 2010. ICANN cited controversy and varying opinions about gTLDs as the main reasons …

  • 23 October

    ICANN Seoul Meeting starts this Monday

    Web industry leaders from across the world will be packing their bags this weekend for ICANN’s 36th International Meeting in Seoul, South Korea. The event runs October 25- 30. A hot topic of discussion will be IDNs— domains containing non-Latin characters. Rod Beckstrom, CEO of ICANN, stated: This is an …

  • 22 October

    Should ICANN be held more accountable?

    I read a great opinion piece by blogger Eileen Yu this morning about the Affirmation of Commitments (AOC) and ICANN. She argues that while the AOC has diversified Internet leadership, it does nothing to hold ICANN accountable. Total investment in the web today is many times what is what in …

  • 21 October

    ICANN considering .post domain

    With so many people choosing email over traditional snail mail these days, it seems as though post offices are feeling a bit left out in the Internet age. The U.N.’s Universal Postal Union hopes to change that with the creation of a .post domain. The gTLD would be available to …

  • 15 October

    INTA testifies against gTLDs and ICANN

    At a congressional hearing last month regarding ICANN’s new gTLD system, International Trademark Association (INTA) President Richard Heath testified against the new program. Using the current 21 gTLDs as examples, Heath argued that allowing unlimited generic extensions would increase consumer confusion, decrease Internet security and safety, tarnish brands, and increase …

  • 8 October

    ICANN: "We have always been independent."

    Now that the JPA has expired and ICANN’s ties with the government have essentially been cut, the organization has declared that nothing has changed and that it will continue to operate exactly as it has in the past. Brad White, director of media affairs at ICANN, stated that while many …

  • 5 October

    ICANN conducts study on WHOIS privacy

    WHOIS privacy protection is a great way to keep your personal information safe from solicitors. In an effort to keep up with the latest domain trends, ICANN is currently conducting a study on the usage of the service and its implications. Preliminary results reveal that some 15-25% of domain registrations …

  • 2 October

    Rod Beckstrom answers your questions

    ICANN has been criticized in the past for paying too little attention to end users. Now the agency’s CEO, Rod Beckstrom, has decided to give Joe the Plumber an ear and an eye by answering a few questions submitted by readers at Guardian.co.uk. Here is a summary of the questions …

  • 1 October

    Vint Cerf backs Affirmation of Commitments

    Vint Cerf, a man widely considered to be the “Father of the Internet,” came out in support of the new Affirmation of Commitments (AOC) between the U.S. government and ICANN. He said in a statement: The Affirmation of Commitments by ICANN and DOC fulfills a long-standing objective of the original …

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