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June, 2009

  • 24 June

    NRO to US Government: "ICANN is no longer your domain"

    The Number Resource Organisation (NRO) call for an end to the United State’s special relationship with ICANN today. After the Joint Project Agreement between the two ends in September, the NRO wants to see better representation, coordination, competition, and stability in governing ICANN. NRO Chairman Adiel Akplogan hit the nail …

  • 23 June

    PIR advocates to keep registries and registrars separate

    The Public Interest Registry (PIR), the non-profit organization responsible for the management of .ORG top-level domains (TLD), is raising its voice to advocate registry-registrar separation. The organization is concerned that ICANN is moving toward removing restrictions that prevent a registry, responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and management of a Top-level …

  • 22 June

    ICANN Sydney Meeting Under Way

    ICANN 35, the organization’s 35th international meeting, is currently taking place in Sydney. Topics to be covered at the meeting include Internationalized Domian Names (IDNs), changes to the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP), abuse policies, and the new gTLD program. ICANN holds several of these meetings every year in order to …

  • 22 June

    70 gTLDs Now Available for Preorder

    I posted a month ago about how two registrars have teamed up to offer preorders for gTLDs. While everything sounded great on paper, the reality was and still is that the duo is misleading consumers. Now the joint company has issued a press release declaring that 70 gTLDs are now …

  • 18 June

    The ICANN Salary Debate

    CircleID published a noteworthy article yesterday about salaries at ICANN. The author, George Kirikos, raises some interesting points. Though ICANN is a non-profit, it gives its employees salaries and job security on par with the corporate sector. Despite the presence of a recession, ICANN has laid off no one and …

  • 16 June

    Africa Backs ICANN

    In a statement regarding ICANN’s current partnership with the Department of Commerce, a representative group of African registrars and government leaders officially announced its support for the organization. The group believes that Africa has benefited and will continue to benefit from the relationship. The Internet’s sound and effective coordination should …

  • 16 June

    SexToys.com.au Fetches £15,395 as .XXX Heads to Arbitration

    A record deal was made yesterday when sextoys.com.au sold for £15,395 ($25,000 USD). The seller originally paid under £92 ($150 USD) for it. Earlier, mortgage.net.au sold for a whopping £8,313 ($13,500 USD). The .au market has taken off since auDA, the organization responsible for managing the Australian TLD, lifted a …

  • 15 June

    ICANN to host gTLD events around the world

    ICANN has announced that it will start hosting gatherings at various high-profile locations to encourage more discussion and education about their plants to introduce a new gTLD (generic Top-Level Domain) program. The events will include on-site consultation to answer many of the concerns people have about regulations, trademark policies and …

  • 11 June

    ICANN to End JPA with U.S. Government

    For years, ICANN has operating under what’s known as the Joint Project Agreement (JPA) with the United States Department of Commerce. The agreement is for “the purpose of the joint development of the mechanisms, methods, and procedures necessary to effect the transition of Internet domain name and addressing system (DNS) …

  • 9 June

    According to Survey, Most Businesses Unaware of Upcoming Domain Changes

    In a not-so-surprising turn of events, a recent survey conducted in the UK found that 2/3 of businesses do not know about ICANN’s plan to allow businesses to create new domain extensions next year. The study, conducted by The Future Laboratory, was in no way scientific, and tells us nothing …

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