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March, 2010

  • 26 March

    Disadvantages of dedicated hosting

    If your site is too large for a VPS or shared hosting account to handle, you have little choice but to move to a dedicated server. This can be a good thing in many ways, but there are some unfortunate disadvantages dedicated server owners have to deal with: Increased cost. …

  • 16 March

    Can a VPS hacker bring down an entire server?

    Question: Can a VPS hacker bring down an entire server? Answer: A virtual private server (VPS) works by sectioning off a full server or node (in the case of hardware virtualization) from the larger server or cluster. As such, the VPS functions like a fully independent server even though it …

  • 11 March

    Dedicated game server hosting

    A game server is a computer connected to the Internet that hosts multiplayer games for a particular game or multiple games. While some multiplayer games only have official servers, many allow community gamers to host their own games. There are two types: 1. temporary servers that any user can setup …

  • 4 March

    What is FFmpeg hosting?

    Question: What is FFmpeg hosting? Answer: FFmpeg is a suite of tools that provide users with video manipulation, editing, streaming, and recording capabilities on numerous platforms and multiple formats. As the name indicates, it supports a number of mpeg compression formats as well as other open and proprietary video codecs. …

  • 2 March

    Can you host copyrighted content?

    One common issue new website owners run into is the hosting of copyrighted content. You may want to host a music video on your site, offer a song for download, or use another site’s image. Is this allowed? Unless you have permission from the copyright holder to use the content, …

February, 2010

  • 15 February

    TeamSpeak hosting

    If you play PC games online, chances are good you’ve heard of TeamSpeak, a voice chat software popular within the gaming community that lets players easily communicate with one another. In order for peers to converse, however, a server running the TeamSpeak software must be set up. Luckily, there are …

November, 2009

  • 27 November

    Identify any site's host with WhoIsHostingThis

    WhoIsHostingThis is a handy tool that will identify the host of most websites for free. This is useful in a number of situations. In order to file a DMCA copyright complaint, for example, you must know the name of the infringer’s host. Or what if you just know of a …

October, 2009

  • 15 October

    Court: Acceptable for host to terminate rude customer

    In a ruling issued last week, a Los Angeles court ruled that a web host did not breach contract by suspending a rude customer. The individual in question became angry after his hosting account was suspended for nonpayment. After leaving a rude voicemail at the company’s headquarters, the web host …

June, 2009

  • 22 June

    Finding good free scripts for your website

    A good web hosting company often provides its website owners with automatically installable scripts for various popular tasks: blogging, photo albums and e-commerce, to name a few. In some special situations, however, it becomes necessary for a webmaster to search for free, reliable scripts on the web. Whether they are …