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July, 2010

  • 19 July

    Watch out for Go Daddy's "Software Administrative Fee"

    You might think registering your domain with Go Daddy is a good way to save money. I did when I registered a .de domain with the company for around $16 USD. But as I learned today, the registrar makes up for its low domain prices with ridiculous hidden charges. The …

June, 2010

  • 18 June

    Lawsuit sheds light on sneaky sales tactics at Go Daddy call center

    A report from blog Domain Incite yields some intriguing information on Go Daddy’s sales practices. According to information obtained from documents related to a lawsuit against the company, Go Daddy’s support staff up-sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products and services each day. That’s right– each day. Customers …

May, 2010

  • 20 May

    Academy Awards takes aim at Go Daddy

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, better known as the Academy Awards, gave Go Daddy something far different from an Oscar this week: a 134-page lawsuit for cybersquatting. Here’s the catch: the lawsuit doesn’t accuse Go Daddy of cybersquatting. Rather, it is seeking millions in damages because the …

  • 4 May

    Chinese hackers implicated in CMS hack attack

    According to reports, Chinese hackers have infiltrated a number of WordPress and Joomla sites hosted by Go Daddy. The sites are still under attack today as the cyber criminals exploit vulnerabilities in outdated scripts. The hackers are uploading malware to the sites, which visitors to the sites have been prompted …

  • 3 May

    Go Daddy hit with class auction lawsuits over PPC ads

    Thought you were having a bad day? Disgruntled domain owners filed class action lawsuits against Go Daddy in Arizona and Arkansas today over the PPC ads it displays on customers’ domains. These advertisements appear only when the domain is parked at Go Daddy or no name servers have been set …

April, 2010

  • 13 April

    GoDaddy sells expired domain for $15,671

    Exactly one week after covering Go Daddy’s sham backorder service, here’s a prime example of the company in action. After a customer failed to renew the domain PondPumps.com, the registrar sold it at auction for $15,671 USD. Talk about a great deal for Go Daddy. While I’m all for a …

  • 6 April

    Godaddy's backorder service is a sham

    For years, Go Daddy has offered a backorder service. At a price of $18.99, the company claims the product provides a leg-up in acquiring soon-to-expire domains. But as the New York Post reveals, this isn’t necessarily the case. It turns out that Go Daddy has been allowing multiple customers to …

March, 2010

  • 25 March

    Go Daddy to stop offering .cn domains

    In a Google-esque move, Go Daddy will no longer offer .cn domains to customers. The announcement was made by spokesperson Christine Jones during a testimony to Congress yesterday. The domain registrar made its decision in light of China’s increasingly strict registration requirements, including copies of identification and in some cases, …

  • 23 March

    Go Daddy's sneaky domain transfer policy

    If you’re thinking about transferring a domain from Go Daddy to another registrar, you would do well to read the fine print. As one Go Daddy customer found out, the company does not permit you to transfer a domain if you have updated the contact information in the last 60 …

  • 17 March

    Go Daddy's Certified Domain service is a joke

    If you’re looking for a way to burn $2.99, Go Daddy’s new Certified Domain service is a sure way to do it. Designed for website owners looking to “ease fears” and “inspire confidence,” all the service does is give you a small seal to place on your site verifying you …

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