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May, 2009

  • 15 May

    Finding out more about a domain with Whois

    Whether you are interested in buying a domain name, initiating a trademark dispute, offering a business deal to the owners, or simple good old fashioned spying, there are plenty of online tools available to help make your job a little easier. One of the most commonly used domain information gathering …

  • 14 May

    Blackberry maker RIM wins domain dispute against Indian firm

    MumbaiDomains, a Mumbai-basd firm had previously registered three disputed domain names: blackbberry.com, bickberry.com, and bllackberry.com. Research In Motion, the company responsible for Blackberry smart phones, sued arguing that the domains are too close phonetically and in appearance to their trademark. “Save for the addition/deletion of a single letter, the disputed …

  • 6 May

    Over 1,300 swine flu domains registered

    According to F-Secure, over 1,300 swine-flu related domain names were registered over the weekend. Although there are many websites and emails circulating the Internet warning people to beware of swine flu domains, as of yet, only one has been proven to be malicious. It involved contacting the user via email …

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