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June, 2009

  • 15 June

    .CM domains to enter "Sunrise" phase

    EuroDNS, the domain registrar specializing in .eu, .de, and many other Top-Level Domains has announced the “Sunrise” phase of .cm registration. The company hopes that this limited registration phase will give trademark holders a chance to register and protect their brands before the names are released to the public. The …

  • 11 June

    Sonic sues company for mysonic.com

    Sonic Corporation, the American fast-food restaurant chain, famous for its drive-in-diner style of service, is suing a company over its use of the domain mysonic.com. According to the lawsuit, Bright Orange Software Inc, registered the domain, a “well known trademark” of Sonic, and used it to redirect visitors to Burger …

  • 11 June

    Google's new change of address tool

    Not to be outdone by the postal service, Google has introduced a highly requested feature that allows website owners to inform Google when they have moved to a new domain name. The “change of address” tool updates Google’s index to reflect your new URL. The changes last 180 days during …

  • 10 June

    Pfizer wins domain dispute

    Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has scored a victory over a man from Bangladesh who registered the domains pfizer.org and celebrex.org. The WIPO, an international organization that hears domain disputes, ruled that the defendant, Samir Kumar, failed to prove that he did not register the domains in bad faith. Both names are …

  • 8 June

    Average Internet user visits 70 domains each month

    I already know I am way over the average, but the new statistics released by Nielsen Online are worth investigating, especially if your business is online. According to the report, the average person visits 70 domains and 1576 web pages each month. That means that most of the pages they …

May, 2009

  • 26 May

    How I started my own web host (Part 1)

    Ten years ago, I had a life-changing experience, one that I wanted to share with the world. The world wide web was still in its early years, but being both a writer and someone who loved trying new technology, I decided to make my first web page. What began as …

  • 25 May

    Bulgarian residents look forward to Cyrillic domain names

    In anticipation that ICANN will soon allow domain names in languages other than English and characters outside of the Latin alphabet, Bulgaria has submitted an application to allow the registration of domains using the Cyrillic alphabet. Foreign Minister Ivaylo Kalfin stated that this move was highly anticipating by Bulgarian residents, …

  • 22 May

    Senators urge NTIA to monitor ICANN-government relationship

    We previously reported that U.S. government oversight of ICANN will soon come to an end on September 30, and arguments have spewed from all sides within and outside of the U.S. Many countries, including those that make up the European Union, called for the formation of an international oversight coalition …

  • 21 May

    Bank of America receives a split settlement in domain dispute

    For cybersquatters, the recent Bank of America merger with Merrill Lynch was seen as a golden opportunity to snatch up some related domain names. One company, Webadviso, seized that opportunity, registering bofaml.com, mlbofa.com, bofamerrill.com, and merrillbofa.com. According to ICANN policy on domain name trademark disputes, the National Arbitration Forum heard …

  • 19 May

    Protect Your Domain

    Every year around this time, I start receiving invoices in my mailbox from a domain registration company informing me that I need to renew my domain names. The problem is, I never registered my domains with that company in the first place. I have about ten domain names all registered …