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August, 2009

  • 5 August

    Jesus.net sells for £73,442

    Not only can Jesus turn water into wine, but he can sell domains, too. Jesus.net sold a few hours ago for a whopping £73,442 ($124,337 USD). There seems to be quite a few religious domains selling at auction lately. Last month, Rosary.com sold for £48,388 and Biblical.com netted £10,000. The …

  • 3 August

    Server.com sells for £460,830

    Server.com recently sold at auction for £460,830 ($770,000 USD). Considering how cut-throat the hosting industry is, this domain could provide a huge competitive advantage to a provider. The name is old, too, dating back to 1994. As previous discussed, this age makes it more attractive to buyers, but with this …

July, 2009

  • 31 July

    Enlargement.com sells for £33,540

    Open the your email spam folder and you know what you’ll find. In a society where over-the-hill men seem to base their worth solely on how hard they can make their wives moan, it’s no surprise that Enlargement.com sold today for £33,540 ($56,000 USD). Hopefully the new owner is happy …

  • 27 July

    Biblical.com sells for £10k

    Less than three weeks after the sale of Rosary.com for £48,388, another Christian domain has sold. This time it’s Biblical.com for £10,347 ($17,000 USD). Old as it may be, the Bible is still a bestselling book, especially in the Midwest and southern United States. Online versions of the religious text …

  • 8 July

    Rosary.com sells for £48,388

    Sex sells, but apparently religion does, too. In a stark constrast to all the gambling and adult domain auctions that make the news, rosary.com sold for £48,388 ($78,088 USD yesterday). The seller is thought to be Adam Dicker, who owns a number of high-profile domains, including download.net. sm.com, and planets.com. …

  • 1 July

    Talk.com sells for £303,943

    You can mutter all you want about it, but that won’t change the fact that talk.com has just sold for £303,943 ($500,000 USD). The buyer, National A-1, is the same company that bought contests.com for £231,870 ($380,000 USD) earlier this month. The £300,000 price tag was a bargain as far …

June, 2009

  • 17 June

    TRAFFIC ccTLD Extended Auction Results

    TRAFFIC Amsterdam ended more than a week ago, but the online extended auction that started during the event just came to a close. In all, £64,006 ($105,000 USD) worth of domains were sold. The biggest sale was the combined auction of Blackjack.co.za and Casinos.co.za, which fetched £29,526 ($48,436 USD). Other …

  • 5 June

    ccTLDs Sell for Big Bucks at TRAFFIC Amsterdam

    TRAFFIC Amsterdam is coming to a close and the auction results are now in. While many domains didn’t sell at the event intended mainly for ccTLDs, some brought in big bucks for their owners: DiamondRings.com- £141,589 Rugs.co.uk- £13,844 Vegas.cm- £13,547 Job.us-£ 22,025 Tel.fr- £4,370 Houses.co.uk- £44,574 Blog.eu- £12,585 Obviously the …

  • 4 June

    Candy.com Sells for £1.8 Million

    Candy.com has been sold by domainer Rick Schwartz to Melville Candy Company for £1.8 million ($3 million USD), an announcement on the seller’s blog stated yesterday. Melville Candy Company, a small Massachusetts confectioner, will use the domain to as a retail outlet for candy owned by a new company, G&J …

May, 2009

  • 25 May

    Registering Expired Domains

    Most of the time, anything previously used by another person is less desirable. Used autos cost a fraction of models just a year newer and computers drop in value very quickly after being purchased. The opposite is true for domains, however. The more a domain has been used, the more …

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