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June, 2010

  • 21 June

    ICANN publishes report on seedy registrars


    ICANN, which seems to be cracking down on rule-breaking registrars lately, has published a new report criticizing a number of well-known registrars for unwholesome practices. Some of the firms mentioned in the document include UK2, Tucows, France Telecom, Enom and AOL. Among other things, ICANN lashed out against several of …

  • 18 June

    Lawsuit sheds light on sneaky sales tactics at Go Daddy call center

    A report from blog Domain Incite yields some intriguing information on Go Daddy’s sales practices. According to information obtained from documents related to a lawsuit against the company, Go Daddy’s support staff up-sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products and services each day. That’s right– each day. Customers …

March, 2010

  • 26 March

    Nameserver subnet warnings

    Question: What does the following error mean: WARNING: Not all of your nameservers are in different subnets Answer: If you are receiving this error, it means that the nameservers for your domain are both originating from the same server (or two servers within the same subnet). Generally speaking, this is …

November, 2009

  • 6 November

    What is a domain reseller?

    Yesterday we covered reseller hosting, but you may have also noticed that there is something called a domain reseller. Domain resellers are simply proxies to real registrars. They are not accredited by ICANN, but instead offer domains through a third party. Many small to medium-sized web hosts are domain resellers. …

September, 2009

  • 18 September

    Watch out for the Chinese domain scam

    Domainers, take note: a new domain scam is making its rounds across the web. This time, the culprit is a Chinese domain registrar trying to recruit more customers. The victim will usually receive a seemingly polite and well-meaning email from a “domain name register center” in China. The message will …

  • 14 September

    Save money with long-term domain registrations

    Have a domain you know you will be keeping for a long time? Why renew it yearly when you could register it for an extended period of time and save money? Many registrars offer discounts on long-term registrations. Usually the longer the period, the greater the discount. For instance, you …

August, 2009

  • 10 August

    Data breach occurs at registrar

    Despite all the security measures online payment systems provide, the reality is Internet shoppers are never 100% safe. Last week one of the largest domain registrars in the United States reported a security breach that affects some 573,928 customers. The incident involved a piece of malicious code running on servers …

July, 2009

  • 29 July

    Should falsifying domain contact information be illegal?

    Few Americans know that it is in fact illegal to to falsify personal details when registering a domain. With the enacting of the Truth in Domain Names Act in 2003, it became a crime to “knowingly and with the intent to defraud” provide false contact information to a domain registrar. …

June, 2009

  • 4 June

    Chinese Police Detain Four Internet Hackers

    On May 19, China experienced widespread Internet outages after hackers took down major DNS servers in a DoS (Denial of Service) attack. Chinese authorities now have the four hackers in custody following police investigations in the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guandong provinces. The server in question was DNSPod, a Chinese DNS …