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August, 2009

  • 28 August

    ICANN Plans to Rethink Expired Domain Recovery

    It happens all too often. You have a lapse and forget to renew your domain name registration. One day you go to your website to find it filled with text link ads instead of your content. Re-registering should be simple, but ICANN‘s At-Large-Advisory Committee (ALAC) reports that the methods available …

  • 18 August

    FTC: Company Tried to Trick UK Customers

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is pursuing litigation against a California-based company called Balls of Kryptonite for allegedly using using websites on two .co.uk country domains to trick UK customers into thinking the company was local. According to the charges, the company had two domains, bestpricebrands.co.uk and bitesizedeals.co.uk, and used …

July, 2009

  • 28 July

    WIPO rules in favor of free speech over trademark

    In a rather interesting domain dispute, the Sutherland Institute, a right-wing think tank, accused the registrants of sutherlandinstitute.com of cybersquatting. The actual website of the institute is sutherlandinstitute.org. The respondents used the .com top-level domain to run an protest site they claimed was a parody of the real Sutherland Institute. …

  • 24 July

    PIR to test new security implementation

    In early June, we reported about the Public Interest Registry (PIR) and their plans to introduce new security to .org top-level domains (TLD). After a month of preparing, PIR is ready to move some 18 live domains to the security extensions for testing. The official launch of the new system, …

  • 23 July

    Naughty registrars keep ignoring ICANN rules

    ICANN has clear policies about domain name transfers. If, for example, a person’s domain has expired but it has not yet been deleted from his current registrar, he has the legitimate right to transfer that domain to another registrar at their discretion. But three major registrars, who shall remain nameless, …

  • 23 July

    .CM domain is a hot target for cybersquatters

    Experts are warning that the country domains for the Republic of Cameroon are easy targets for cybersquatters wishing to cash in on typos. This form of cybersquatting, which is developing its own name: typosquatting, takes place when someone registers a domain spelled similarly to another popular domain so that people …

  • 17 July

    Clinic sues ex-employee for domain names

    Leo Enriquez is a former employee of Aurora Health Center in Cook County Illinois. While he was working for them, he registered domain names for them under his own company’s name. The domains were “aurorahealthcenter.com, centrodesaludaurora.com, immigrationexamines.com, medicodeinmigracion.com, and yourimmigrationdoctor.com”. When Enriquez left the clinic, he still owned the domains. …

  • 10 July

    Comcast's typosquatting is a "service"

    Comcast has announced a new “service” in which customers who type in a domain name incorrectly are redirected to a “help page” that happens to also contain ads. It will be on by default for Comcast customers, although they are offering an opt-out setting for customers who do not want …

  • 7 July

    Queensland Government owns queensland-the-dumb-state.com

    In an apparent effort to preempt cybersquatters, the Australian state of Queensland has registered 38 domain names containing various government references. Among the stranger ones is queensland-the-dumb-state.com. Other domains include government programs like the state’s 150th anniversary celebration and the Liberal National Party. This raises some interesting questions. On some …

June, 2009

  • 26 June

    Tiger Woods loses domain name dispute

    In an effort to secure domain names that match the names of his children, Tiger Woods has been filing domain disputes with the National Arbitration Forum. In order to make a case, the award-winning Golfer argued that the names are confusingly similar to the trademark “Tiger Woods”. The arbitrator refused …

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