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September, 2009

  • 3 September

    Registering TLD variants

    Domains are so cheap these days, why stick with just one? You may use a .com or .co.uk for your site, but it’s always worthwhile to register other top extensions if you can. Why is this important? It’s all about brand protection. Someone once registered the .net version of my …

  • 3 September

    To forward, or not to forward?

    After you register a domain, the Internet has to have a way to find your site. Most of the time, your web host will give you a pair of DNS servers to give to your registrar. The DNS servers show the world where your site is, much like a driveway …

  • 1 September

    African ccTLD operators careful to avoid ICANN

    Most domain extension operators around the world, especially American TLDs, work with ICANN on some level, but a recent InfoWorld article shows that most African ccTLDs do not wish to work with the California organization, opting not to join its Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO). Many of these domain …

August, 2009

  • 28 August

    Cybersquatter ordered to pay $33 million to Verizon

    Cybersquatting isn’t cheap these days. This week, a federal court upheld a $33 million (£20.3 million) ruling against OnlineNIC, a wholesale domain company, for cybersquatting the Verizon.com domain and trademarks. OnlineNIC reportedly used an automated system to register some 663 names confusingly similar to Verizon.com, such as iphoneverizonplans.com, accountverizonwireless.com, and …

  • 26 August

    Cybersquatting has cost businesses more than £133 million

    Going after cybersquatters is expensive. Recent research conducted by the Corporation Service Company (CSC) shows just how must it has cost businesses over the years: £133 million ($220 million USD). How can companies avoid this expense? According to the CSC, the best remedy is simply to be proactive and register …

  • 25 August

    Activists advocate for .gay gTLD

    With ICANN slated to begin allowing the creation of new gTLDs next year, everyone wants to get in on the action. Many proposals for new extensions like New York’s .nyc are mainly functional in purpose, but others, such as .eco, are designed to promote a cause. Such is the case …

  • 24 August

    Bitter Domain Dispute Comes to an End

    A recent domain dispute between Urban Logic Inc. and Urban Logic, Peter Holland has ended in a ruling of reverse domain name hijacking. Peter Holland registered urbanlogic.com in 1999 and used it for his consulting business before turning it into a blog for Vietnam veterans. Urban Logic Inc. owns the …

  • 24 August

    Oprah sues cybersquatters

    American talk show host Oprah Winfrey made news last week when she became one of many celebrities lately to go after cybersquatters. In this case, Winfrey and her broadcasting company, Harpo Entertainment Group, are suing a group of nutritional supplement websites. The sites sell weight and anti-aging products, and feature …

  • 19 August

    Microsoft Scores PSXBOX.NET in Dispute

    Microsoft is a company that needs no introduction, but for those who have been under a very low-tech rock for the past 20 years, they are the dominating software force in the PC market. Their operating system, Windows and their office suite are used on the majority of the world’s …

  • 10 August

    Amazon bought Zappos and got Clothes.com as a bonus

    In July, Amazon, the online sales giant, purchased the shoe store Zappos for $928 million. What many did not know is that they also acquired a high-priced domain name: Clothes.com. Back in May of 2008 Zappos bought the domain from Idealab for a reported $4.9 million After fund.com sold for …