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October, 2009

  • 27 October

    Sudan.com sells for $120,000

    I can’t remember the last time Sudan made the news, but today is the exception with the sale of Sudan.com at auction for £73,516 ($120,000 USD). Place names are excellent domain investments because while tastes change and products constantly enter and exit the market, countries rarely disappear and are always …

  • 26 October

    One and two letter .biz domains to go to auction

    Nearly a month after a number of single-character .biz domains netted high prices at auction, a popular auction site has announced it will be offering more one and two character .biz names for sale. They will be sold in a live on auction on October 28. The names are: i.biz …

  • 23 October

    Disaster.com for sale at silent auction

    Consulting firm D&D Consulting, Ltd is currently holding a silent auction for the domain disaster.com. The minimum bid $850,000 USD and the auction ends on November 20. My guess is D&D will have no trouble finding a buyer for the name, which was originally registered in 1994. Disasters happen all …

  • 21 October

    Bankruptcy.net sells for $56,250

    Bankruptcy.net sold this week for a solid £33,932 ($56,250 USD)– a price some would have to go bankrupt to afford. At auction, the .com version of the name would likely sell for at least ten times the aforementioned amount. Bankruptcy law is a very profitable and in-demand niche, after all. …

  • 20 October

    Resumes.com sells for $400,000

    Given the increasingly competitive job market, career-related sites have become very popular as of late. It’s no wonder then that resumes.com just sold for £243,305 ($400,000 USD). The name could be used for a resume-building site, but also a job directory like Yahoo’s Monster.com. Other recent sales: browsergame.com- $30,000 tdylodging.com- …

  • 19 October

    Tisch.com sells for €20,000

    Tisch.com sold a few days ago for €20,000 (£18,217 or $29,696 USD) in an online auction. “Tisch” is German for “table.” Other recent sales: easywifi.com- $6,000 USD stealestate.com- $1,000 USD daha.com- $4,500 USD tamburrino.com- $2,500USD smmu.com – $1,500 USD SMMU stands for Second Military Medical University in Shanghai, China, while …

  • 14 October

    Luck.com sells for $675,000

    So far this has been a busy week for domain sales, but it’s not over yet. Luck.com sold yesterday for a cool £421,927 ($675,000 USD). Hopefully the buyer is feeling lucky, because I think this name is worth a lot more. It would be perfect for an online gambling site …

  • 7 October

    Healthcareadministration.com sells for $10,000

    Despite being more than 20 letters long, healthcareadministration.com sold for £6,255 ($10,000 USD) this week. With the current debate over government-run healthcare raging stateside, the name has quite a market. As for the domain’s long-term value, I think there is none. Healthcare is an issue on the minds of many …

  • 5 October

    Koken.com sells for $12,450

    Over the weekend, Koken.com sold at auction for £7,820, or $12,450 USD. But just who or what is “Koken?” The best bet is probably Koken Co, Ltd, a Japanese company that makes a variety of medical devices and implants. Interestingly, this sale is less than a week after Qmed.com– the …

September, 2009

  • 30 September

    e.biz rakes in $66,001 at auction

    The .biz registry, in conjunction with a prominent domain auction website, auctioned off all single-letter .biz domains this week. The highest sale price of the lot belongs to e.Biz, which yielded a stunning £41,240 ($66,001 USD) after ending with 20 bids. Here are some other big sales: 1.biz- $32,003 a.biz- …